Mother of woman who died at PMH seeking answers

The mother of a 20-year-old COVID-19 positive woman who died at Princess Margaret Hospital shortly after giving birth, said yesterday that Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) has yet to inform her of her daughter’s cause of death.

On September 5, the Ministry of Health reported that a 20-year-old woman died from COVID-19 on August 26.

“They did not inform me,” said Karen Dean, whose daughter, Shekinah Dean, died on August 26.

“I’m assuming that it’s her, but I don’t know officially that it’s her. There is no name there, but according to the age and the date, I would assume that that’s who it is. I haven’t heard of another 20-year-old that died on August 26.”

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) declined to comment when reached by The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

Dean described PMH’s lack of communication with her as “terrible”.

She said she was “disappointed” in the hospital.

“I expect them to at least reach out to me,” she said.

Dean said the lack of communication is preventing her from having closure.

“I want them to know that this is real,” she said.

“This is not like your pet died or you lost something that you held close to you like a car or something. This was a life. This was a life that cannot be replaced, that is not coming back. The last time I saw my child will be the last time I ever saw my child on Earth.

“It’s the last time I will see her. Her life is gone and never coming back.”

She said she is unsure of the cause of her daughter’s death.

Dean said PMH informed her that a coroner’s exam will be conducted.

“I requested an autopsy and they said they don’t do autopsies on COVID patients,” she said.

“They said they would do a coroner’s examination. I haven’t heard back from them yet. They didn’t say how long it would take.”

Dean said her daughter was “the closest person to me”.

She described her as “my everything”.

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