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Bahamian evangelist Deta Miller presents anecdotes documenting God’s faithfulness in her life in a book titled ‘The Sweet Adventures of Faith, Vol. 1’

A decade ago, Deta O. Miller left The Bahamas to pursue higher education at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, with a directive she said from God to go – even though she had insufficient funds. During orientation week, she was on the verge of being sent home because of the lack of funds. When the school’s bursar told her she had to leave the institution, her response to him was, “I cannot go home because God sent me here.” With her faith and trust strong in God, she said God granted her “favor” and she was awarded several scholarships that resulted in all of her costs throughout her time at university being covered.

“By the second semester, I was reporting to the bursar’s office – not to pay them, but to collect a check. They owed me.” She took the extra money and purchased a vehicle which allowed her to have transportation to her internship. She worked as a social worker.

This is just one story, titled, “Sorry We Have to Send You Home”, among 10 inspiring stories of God’s work in Miller’s life that she is sharing in her first book “The Sweet Adventures of Faith Vol. 1.”

Miller, who has been involved in active ministry for almost 40 years, said she has testimonies to spare. But for her first volume, she chose 10 particularly inspiring stories of God’s work in her life, and is hoping that they will encourage and show people that God is ready and willing to work in their marriages, finances and lives.

“Since my life is all about giving/getting God the most glory that I can, once I realized the impact my testimonies had on individuals, whenever I shared them, I felt that putting my testimonies under a single umbrella ‘The Sweet Adventures of Faith’ would bring my heavenly father even more glory – and from a wider audience,” said Miller.

The idea for the book took root in 2019. Miller started jotting down possible outlines for the first two books. The first volume of “The Sweet Adventures of Faith” was completed in 2020. She took steps to publish in early 2021.

At completion, she was excited.

“I saw another opportunity for God to be glorified as I was walking out one of the things spoken over my life,” said Miller. “I was in my father’s will, walking out purpose.”

“The Sweet Adventures of Faith” is available online through,, and

Miller, who answered the Lord’s call on her life on October 13, 1985, at the age of 15, has been involved in missions and evangelism since then.

She was licensed and ordained an evangelist at Transfiguration Baptist Church on Vesey Street. She received certificates in missions and evangelism from Rhema Bible Training Center, and counts founder, the late Kenneth E. Hagin, as one of the greatest inspirations for her faith journey.

She has organized crusades; facilitated conference workshops; ministered in churches, prisons, hospitals, schools/youth groups; and led street evangelism as well as participated in and led mission teams in various countries.

Miller resides in British Columbia, Canada, as a missionary and serves at Word of Life Church as leader of evangelism.

“Each transition of my life led to me serving in different local assemblies both nationally and internationally in the areas of evangelism and mission … two of my passions.”

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