Moultrie should be removed as speaker

Dear Editor,

In the art and craft of politics there used to be a modicum of civility and common sense.

It would seem that in today’s Bahamas that they have been jettisoned out of the window big time.

Over the years many persons have died, literally, in establishing and defending a free press.

The fourth estate, as the press is commonly referred to, is vital to the viability of a democracy.

People who lead such governments must always be held accountable and be transparent in the conduct of the people’s business.

It is not difficult to imagine the free-for-all that would result if there were no watchdogs in the media. This, possibly, is one of the main reasons why politicians, across the globe hate and fear the press and media.

Politicians and wannabes will grovel at the feet of the press when seeking office or seeking to retain it.

Once in power or reelected, our Bahamian politicians become aloft and elusive.

On the campaign trail they project a false narrative as if they really care about you all.

They visit and sit in your homes to the point where you have to remind them that it is time for them to leave. They will eat your half cooked stewed fish just to appear to be down to earth. It is to many of them a game of the highest order.

Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie is a spectacle to behold. He is totally unsuited to hold this august office.

He used to be a PLP until he crawled over to the FNM and the rest is history.

A year or so ago, Moultrie ran right out and injected God and his immediate family into his political delusion. Now, he is breathing fire and brimstone about the rights of the media as it relates to proceedings in the House of Assembly.

If the reporter in question was conducting herself in an unprofessional manner or overtly breaching the known rules of the House, I would have no problem with her being reprimanded.

To order the seizure of a cell phone and the forced erasing of the contents of the same should be the subject of a law suit.

Moultrie has also made some serious political missteps.

We all are able to recall when a few short weeks ago, Moultrie, the most unprepared man to ever occupy the speaker’s chair, appeared to be suggesting to the Chinese dictatorship that it should invest down in MICAL. This is not within his ambit.

Moultrie should and must be removed from this position if he is not to trample further on the freedoms of the press and to possibly cause the FNM administration even more bad press.

– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.


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