MPs need to do a better job speaking on behalf of their constituents

Dear Editor,

It seems that our system of governance has devolved into a discretionary representative democracy. Politicians get elected claiming they will represent the interests of the people and somewhere along the way they seem to only represent their own interests. I don’t know when it happened, but it has been that way for decades.

Over the past four months, I have taken great pains to listen out for representatives articulating the concerns of their constituents during this COVID-19 crisis; I am still listening to no avail!

Every constituency office I have seen post-election is consistently closed, while some of the people’s representatives heartily endorsed the prime minister’s unforgettable statements that governments sometimes have to make unconstitutional decisions!

I am not aware of one government MP (without a personal political agenda) questioning the two-tier system the government has freely abused to the advantage of a well-connected select few, over the destitute, oppressed many.

Nor have I heard one MP (without a personal political agenda) highlight the consistently cognitively deficient, unscientific and disjointed decision-making of the prime minister with the detrimental socioeconomic effect of those decisions on their constituents and the country.

If more of these MPs did their jobs, they would hear the cries of “we can’t take no more” from many of their constituents. But if they listened really closely they would find that people have no confidence in this prime minister and if they really represented their constituents’ interests, they would have no confidence in him either. This would lead the honorable and rational, if they still exist, to do one thing.

If the FNM desires to save their ship during this storm, they must throw Jonah overboard, for he serves no useful purpose. They still have a chance, because for now at least, the people still have no appetite for the PLP!

— JB

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