A Private Funeral Service for MR. FREDERICK JAMES PYFROM, age 72 years of #1 Laceby Lane, Freeport, Grand Bahama formerly of Fresh Creek, Andros was held on Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.

Precious memories will linger in the hearts of his devoted and caring wife: Norma; daughter: Tamesha Pyfrom; sons: Frederick Jr. (Erin) and Michael Pyfrom (Caitlyn); grandchildren: Aiko Pyfrom, Ascha & Naphtali Munroe, Milony Buntin Pyfrom, Jaz and Kenny Lasker;  adopted children: Karl Albury and D. David Moncur; mother: Rowena Cleare; brothers: Ancil Davis (Elvira) (Nassau), Fr. Donald Kerr; Doral Pyfrom (Edna) and William Curtis (Exuma); sisters: Ernestine Jones, Helen Digmore, Evelyn Pyfrom; Daphne Johnson (Sanny); Stephanie Teele, Patricia Smith, Elois Stephen, Marsha Wilchcombe and Helen Rich; sisters-in-law: Marilyn Pyfrom, Anita Swainy, Marilyn Scott, Sherry Doctor and Rosemary Foulkes; god-sister: Dianna Swann; nephews: Patrick Pyfrom (Tanesha), Ron Jones, Robert Nabb (Tabitha), Gary and John Turner, Keno Davis (Shanese), Ancilleno (Nora) and Bovair Davis, Ashley Jones (Shannon), Renaldo Johnson, Doral Pyfrom Jr., Mark Pyfrom; Craig and Tyrone Pyfrom, Jiminison Davis; nieces: Christal Pyfrom-Cooper (Terrance); Dorothy King Rolley; Lathora Pyfrom, Charnissa Nesbitt (Angelo), Nicki Carter; Anzellera Davis; Cintra and Diandra Turner, Tracey, Jessica and Janet Pyfrom, Sherry Curtis, Adrienne Kerr and Ruth Knowles and a host of other relatives and friends including: Lockhart family, Mortimer family, Rt. Rev. Laish Boyd and family; Venerable Earl Hepburn and Fr. Dave D.Thomas and The Church of the Ascension Family, Rev. Fr. Norman Lightbourne, Gurney and Debbie Armstrong and family, Archipow family (Canada); Lasker family (Georgia); Glen and Cynthia Coakley and family, Dr. Rolando Corrall and family; Ashley Pinder and family; Garth and Karen Woodside and family, Hon. Brave Davis and family, Debbie Dean and family, Jaunita Dean and family, Clotilda Armaly and family, Vince and Denice Gibson and family, Sherry Stuart and family; James and Kim Smith and family, Kitty Smith and family, Patrick McDonald and family, Kathy Nixon and family, Laura Smith and family, Agatha Marcelle and family; Mrs. Veronica Collie and family; Ian Rolle and family, Christine Fields and family; Mr. Jack Bahl and family; Peter Basden and family;  Mr. Wilfred Horton and family, Merrill Dorsette and family; Lockhart Clan, Sybliene Adderley and family, Rahming family, Hon. Perry Christie and family; Mr. R. Whitney Bastian and family, Sanford and Mary Culmer and family, Pat Franks and family, R.H. Culmer and family; Arthur and Willansa Fountain and family, Emelike Fountain and family, Eugene (Jet) Cartwright and family, Emrick Seymour and family, Arthur Hamilton and family, Terrecita Kemp and family, Galen Godet and family, Raleigh and Antoinette Carroll and family, Charles and Stephanie Thompson and family, Edney Anderson and family, Davaughn (Curlie)  Burrows and family, Daniel Murray and family, Stephen McCartney and family, Brain Cooper and family, Leroy Bell and family, Hansel King and family, Sis. Ann Higgs and the Mighty Warriors Prayer Band, Office of the Judiciary family, The Royal Bahamas Police Force family; Mable Stubbs and family; Ramon Lightbourne and family, Simon Lewis and group family, Keith and Yvette McSweeney and family; Karl and Bev Martin and family; Karl Haye and family; Phil Carey and family; McKenzie family, Forrester Carroll and family, Wallace family; Tyrone Joffre and family, Yvonne Ward and family, Linda Kelly and family; Nelson Gaitor and family, Dr. Eric Brown, Dr. Ras Jah Roop, Richard Clarke and family, Sherrel Stevens and family, Shervin, Vincent and Emily Miller and family, Brian Hugh, Charlie Neymour, Frankie Neymour and family, Leroy Hanna and family,  Clyde Nixon and family, Hugh Solomon and family, Lorenzo Gibson and family, Jerome Scott and family, Kevin Campbell and family, Moore family,  Douglas Cleare, Derek Rolle, Joseph Duncombe and family, Curtis Brown, Nick and Shawn Leadon and family, Jacqeline Smith, Zian Rolle; Anglican family, Norman Gay and family; Deon Sweeting and family, Glen Johnson and family, Cecil Penn Sr. and Jr. and families, W.W. Edgecombe and family, Dwitt (Fire) Edgecombe and family, Telcina Thompson and family, James Martin and family, Dedre Martin and family, John Doherty and family, Ali Campbell and family, Shirley and Roger Nixon, Dorris Adderley and family, Berthram and Rosena Thompson and family, Betty McKenzie and family, Thompsons families (Fresh Creek, Andros), Gloria Forbes and family, Gay Family (Fresh Creek, Andros); Crab Fest Committee (Central Andros), Hunters Association, PLP Family, Nurse Anna Thompson and family; Dr. Monique Pratt; Dr. Knowles; Dr. Kizzy Coakley; Tracy Rolle and family;  Rex Rolle and family, Central and South Andros Committees, Lucille Hanna and family, Norris Carroll and family; Mag. Rengin Johnson and family, Mag. Charlton Smith and family, Dwayne Fernander and family; Bill Adderley and family, Ken McNeil and family; Freeport Transfer family, Jeff Bullard and family; Esther Russell and family; BTVI family; Genevive Hanna and family; BIBT family; Audley Hanna and family, Former M.P. Picewell Forbes and family, Peter Douglas; Alex and Margo Birch-Blackwell and family, Jeff Birch and family, Brian Sands and family; Bradley and  Everlyn Braynen and family, Harold Braynen and family, Rev. John Henry Hinsey family, Thomas Hinzey and family, Pastor Dorinda Dean and family, Robinson family, Donna Stubbs and family, Dino Moxey and family, Pastor Paul Roberts and family, Pastor Arnold Nesbitt and family, Ancil Oliver and family, Fred Bowleg and family, Macullan and Donna Stubbs and family, Herculean Thompson and family, Brian Hugh and family, Wayne Cleare and family, Henry Bain and family, Sonny Martin and family, Rodney Hanna and family, Rev. Leroy Hanna and family, Wenzel Hanna and family, Mr. Hark Thompson, Andy Smith and family, Alexander (Tattoo) McKenzie, Adrian Diagullier, Rosie Thompson and family; Nurse Deidra Ricketts and family, Harvey Tynes and family, Churchill Tener Knowles and family and Swingers family. Special thanks to the Kidney Centre family, entire Doctors and Nurses at the Rand Memorial Hospital, Doctors and Nurses at Pearce Clinic; H.M. Customs Family, The Pigeon Shooting Committee Family, Tomeko Thompson & Family and many, many, more too numerous to mention.

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