Ms. Effie Dorothea Walkes

A Private Graveside Service for Ms. Effie Dorothea Walkes, aged 96, of Dennis Court, Yellow Elder Gardens, will be held on Friday, September 11th, 2020, 11:00 a.m. at St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street. Officiating will be Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, assisted by Deacon Peter Ferguson, Deacon Ruel Strachan and other ministers of the Gospel.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, attendance at the graveside service is limited to ten (10) family members 

Ms. Walkes was a believer in God and her favorite scripture is taken from Psalms 27:1 “The LORD is my light; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” And afraid she was not. Those who knew her well could attest to her candidness.

Born in the early 1920’s, Effie came from humble beginnings but grew into a woman of great strength and tenacity. She was an intercessor, historian, political/social activist, a mover and shaker of the turning of the political tides, a champion for the rights of Bahamian women, a warrior in the struggle of Majority Rule in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, a change agent, and a true Bahamian legend.

The journey she took was not easy. The friends she encountered were many and the lives she positively touched were great and the good she imparted to others will forever last. She was a strong, courageous, and independent Bahamian woman. Her legacy will splendidly live on through her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great- great-grandchildren.

Daughters: Jacquelyn Deveaux, Delores McPhee, Dorothea Smith, Sonia Woodside (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), Michelle Cunningham, and Daphne Lindenmuth (Franklinville, New Jersey); Sons: Arlington Wilmott, Bertram Miller, Oral Miller, Anthony Archer, and Superintendent Dencle Barr (RBPF), Daughters-in-law: Veronica Wilmott, Agnes Miller and Helen Barr; Sons-in-law: Tyrone Cunningham Sr., Darrell Lindenmuth and John Smith; Adopted-brother: Fernley Palmer;    Adopted-children: Carl & Particia Moseley, Sharon Capron, Kenneth Rolle, Christopher Symonette, Cordell Phillips, Judy Decosta, Bernardette Stubbs, Danzella McPhee, Patricia Cartwright; Grandchidren: Marie, Amber, Bertram, Moneesha, Tyrone Jr., Danica, Krista, Denzel, Darius, Dashan, Evelina, Dentre, Asia, Anthony Jr. (Linda), Schenerre (Antonio Sr.), Dwayne, Brian (Shereka), Ryan (Candice), Schylema, Jade, Miles, Randy Jr., Bertina, Brandon, Charelle, Oneil, Monet (Doral), Malkia, Chamekia, Vernon, Joaquin, Aaron (Jennifer), Sonia (Dwight Sr.), Ramon, Stacey (Royan), Trevor (Ann Marie), Basil Jr. (Eugenia), Talmage (Lisa), Siles, Zoletta (Trevor), Niemoller (Sandra), Phillippa, Hubert Jr. (Michelle), Samantha, Sherry , Sherrina (Mario), Sheridon (Rhona), Sherrice, Sherron, Shervarro, Lisa, Carleze, Carlton Jr., Kimberley, Kethan, Cordero, Tamajh, Anthea (Irwin), Antionette, Arlington III, Lavardo, Ron, Ashanti, Tarell, Travis, Tarvarrus, Tomarge, Terell, Cordero, Sherron, Tequesha, Tanya, Shontee, Darcel, Lonette, Dion, Adrian; Great-grandchildren: Beyonce, Alexis, Ashna, Alethia, Antonio Jr., Arianna, Raechel, Chloe, Dawson, Kruiz, Kole, Edyn, TeNyah, Talaya, Tanaz, Emmerson III, Emi, Anthony III, Shakeem, Aaliyah, Nayisa, Dwayne Jr., Sondrell, Daniel, Deontez, Ryan Jr., Rayne, Ra’Niyah, Rajah, Royall, D’Karri, Liam, Amaris, Jazmyn, Serenity, Dwight Jr., Miles Jr., Mason, Madison, Major, Samari, Arianna, Nori, Aston, Yara, Vernecia, Vernessa, Vernon Jr., Skye, Eden, Donet, Danica, Danard, Elena, Jasleen, Jaileen, Jasmine, Alicia, Sheldon, Julie, Jordan, Marika (Isiah), Mario Jr., Marco, Sheridan, Omar, Sherrina, Desmond, Sherrice, Carlton, Sherron Jr., Sherlisa, Terria, Shiloh, Derron, Sherrai, Shervarro Jr., Janay, Aimee, Sirles, Trey, Siesha, Damia, Damian Jr., Christian, John, Trevor Jr., Faith, Resha, Tyla, Shania, Shane, Nathan, Alyssa, Nathan H, Paige, Paiton, Zahara, Sarah, Irwin, Inaiya, Terez, Teran, Anaiya P., Tyree P., Anton, D.J., Anya, Jadeneisha, Quein, Lethah, Letanya, Quinctin, Donavon, Arlington, Aston, Aaron, Dudley, Ron Jr., Alasia, Ronaria, Roneese, Jazmyne, Tatyana, Lavardo, Aumani, Nia, Tania, Aalyh, Tyra, Lynden, Landyn, Tao, Ashley, Tremar, Keaton, Keaona, Nikyle, Sharon, Anzario, Gerveka, Vernestell, Travis Jr., Tresnee, Taytam, Remair, and numerous others; Great-great-grandchildren: Daniel, Sarai, Johnathan, Kayden, Jayden, Gekka, Khamaron, Tremar, Sky, Dudley III, Quaniah, Hailey, Harmony, Travanya and numerous others; Aunt: Ruth Walkes; Cousins: Naomi (Silas) Cooper, June Walkes, Benjamin Walkes, Oswald Walkes Jr., Frances Wallace, Janet Newson, Sandra Deveaux, Pamela Ferguson, Brendalee Lindor, Juliette Walkes, Patrice Walkes-Capron; Special thanks: Deacon Peter Ferguson, Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, Deacon Ruel Strachan, Fr. Ranfurly Brown, Cannon Sebastian Campbell, Deidre Demeritte, Sharell Russell, Dr. Charneca Knowles, Nurse Idena Flowers & Gynae Ward of the Princess Margret Hospital, Dr. Lynwood Brown, Dr. Sidney Smith, Monica Flowers; Other Relatives and Friends: Dame Marguerite Pindling, Honourable Perry Christie & Family, Honourable Glenys Hanna-Martin & Family, Honourable Brave Davis & Family, Honourable Chester Cooper & Family, Honourable Picewell Forbes & Family, Fred Mitchell & Family, the Progressive Liberal Party, The Headquarters staff, Manita & Neville Wisdom & Family, Laura Williams & Family, The Parish of St. Agnes Anglican Church & The Soup Kitchen, Sheridan Hudson, Hubert Fowler, Basil Johnson, Ms. Flowers & Family, Kevin Archer & Family, Rose Thompson & Family, Phyllis Stubbs & Family, Daisy & Family, Thelma Rolle & Family, Dennis Court West & the Yellow Elder Gardens Community, Mary Cunningham & Family, Brenda Armbrister & Family, Stephanie Rolle & Family, Priscilla McIntosh & Family, Paulette Beneby & Family, Beverley Bethell & Family, Coralee Wilson & Family, Dr. Deborah Campbell & Family, Prophetess Shameka Morley & Family, Linda Smith & Family, Cabinet Members, Senators & Members of Parliament including the governing party and the official opposition (thank you for all your expressions of kind words), East, Flint Street & Labour Street Communities, All Caregivers, Lynette Burnside, Laverne, Original Patty Bakery Ltd., Christina Moseley-Rolle & Family, Catechist Raphael Cartwright, Ashley Thompson & Family, William & June Wilson & Family, Athama Bowe & Family, and numerous other friends and families.

The children of Effie Walkes would like to express our deepest gratitude to all Family Members, other Relatives, Friends, Medical Personnel, West Dennis Court Community, Care Givers, The Progressive Liberal Party, Governing Party, Customs Department, Royal Bahamas Police Force, Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Studies (UB), all Well-Wishers and the entire Bahamas. Thank you for all your kind words, thoughts, and deeds.  God Bless the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Friends may pay their last respects at the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Headquarters, Farrington Road on Wednesday, September 9th between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and on Thursday, September 10th, at Bethel Brothers Morticians & Crematorium, #44 Nassau Street from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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