Munroe awaiting more details before commenting on sex offender’s death

While the sudden death of recently released sex offender Alden Scott has raised questions over the safety of individuals on the sexual offenders’ register, Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe said yesterday he was awaiting more details on the incident before jumping to any conclusions.

“I will await a full brief on the death of Alden Scott before making any assessments,” he said.

“I am not aware of any other release that will call for a consideration of public notification that will arise before the full facts surrounding Scott’s passing are known.”

Scott, who was 55, was released from prison last Friday and died in hospital on Tuesday, according to his brother, Ronald Scott.

Ronald Scott said his brother was found bleeding from the nose on a dirt road. He said it was unclear what the exact cause of death was.

“My mother called me two days ago and said they found him through a dirt road, bleeding through the nose [and] unresponsive,” he said.

“… The policeman took him to the hospital … here we are couple of days later [and] he’s dead.”

Police Press Liaison Audley Peters said yesterday police were still awaiting a report from the pathologist to determine Scott’s cause of death.

“We’ve just got to wait on them,” he said. “We are at their behest.”

Munroe announced last week that Scott was added to the sex offenders’ register, noting that he had been deemed a significant risk to public safety.

Scott was sentenced to two years in prison last year after he admitted to caressing a nine-year-old girl’s thigh at her home.

Prior to that, Scott had been released from prison for raping a 17-year-old girl, for which he received a nine-year sentence.

Munroe recently urged the public against retaliation.

He noted that in the event of retaliation, “the experience in other jurisdictions has disclosed the judges will then remove people from the register and we will lose the very valuable ability to track them”.

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