Munroe defends officers’ use of weapons during traffic stop where child was involved

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe yesterday defended the actions of two police officers who were seen on video pointing their weapons at a man and a child during an apparent traffic stop.

In the video, which appears to take place at the traffic light near the mall on Robinson Road, two officers with firearms drawn approach a Honda and order a man to come around to the back of the car with his hands raised.

A person who appeared to be a child in school uniform also comes around to the back of the car in the video.

The person recording the video from inside another vehicle asks, “What’s all that for?” and notes that the boy appeared to be afraid.

When asked about the approach taken by police, Munroe asked, “Why? Why is it causing concern?

“Was the child shot? Was the child touched? So, what’s the issue?

“I saw the video. They were pointing the weapons, keeping the adult under cover. Are they expected to drop their guard because there’s a child or a female or an old person? That would be a recipe for us ending up with a dead policeman.”

Police promised a more aggressive approach to crime fighting after a police officer was shot in the face early Tuesday morning.

Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings warned that police will take “drastic” measures to protect the public.

“These are men and women who leave their homes with the fervent hope that they will return safely to their homes,” Munroe said.

“On that morning, Corporal McKenzie didn’t return safely to his home because he found himself in Doctors Hospital.

“And so, the public has to steel itself to the fact that we are increasing police presence. That is what people want.”

The circumstances that led officers to stop the car in the video were unknown.

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