Munroe should not comment on police killing, FNM says

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe’s comments surrounding the killing of a Royal Bahamas Defence Force marine by police are “careless and unacceptable”, Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Carl Culmer said last night. 

“The great defense attorney Wayne Munroe, QC, must take off his litigious hat, remember that he is the minister of national security, and govern himself accordingly,” Culmer said in a statement. 

“It is unacceptable for the minister of national security to openly comment on an active investigation of a police-involved shooting, particularly when the deceased was also a member of the armed forces under the Minister’s remit.

“The careless commentary preempts the official investigation and prejudices the coroner’s inquest proceedings. The minister should not recklessly and arrogantly make himself the judge and jury on the veracity of the body-cam footage. The minister’s assertion that the footage is consistent with anyone’s statement can only properly come after a thorough formal investigation.

“We are confident that the process and protocols established for police-involved shootings are sufficient to determining issues of facts.”

Police reported that a man, later identified as RBDF Leading Seaman Rodney Adderley, was shot and killed by police in Chippingham on Sunday after he charged at officers.

In a joint statement, the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) and the RBDF said, “The video footage from the police body-worn camera was secured and viewed by both agencies and is consistent with the accounts of the officers.”

When asked about the matter yesterday, Munroe said he reviewed body camera footage of the incident and it is consistent with what police reported and that the marine had received counseling and psychiatric assistance.

He said that “our heroes are human beings just like us”.

“They are afflicted with the things that may afflict us and so just be very careful when we come to assess people and why they do what they did,” Munroe said.

“The marine clearly had a good service record but we need to come to grips in this country that when things happen for no apparent reason, there may be reasons that should cause us to be concerned.”

But Culmer said Munroe must “refrain from making premature remarks, stop interfering with this and any investigation and let the professional public servants do their jobs”.

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