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Minister says he wants to know how a woman ended up in the same cell as a man | Vagrant admitted to indecently assaulting woman in police cell

The indecent assault of a 25-year-old woman who was forced to share a police cell with a man over the weekend was “astounding”, Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe said yesterday, adding that someone will be held accountable for the incident. 

“A female was in a cell, from what we gathered, and was sleeping with a blanket,” Munroe told reporters outside of Cabinet.

“One would think that there is a detention record for her in her name. Where she has a name that appears to be a man’s name, it should have been clear that there’s a female in custody.

“How do you get to put a male in a cell with a female? I would like to hear that explanation.”

The incident took place on October 21 at the East Street South Police Station.

Prosecutors said Ryan Ramond Bodie, of no fixed address, indecently assaulted the woman while they shared a cell at the station.

The woman was detained on a traffic warrant and police arrested Bodie after he allegedly threatened to kill his father. 

Munroe said yesterday that there is usually a detention record showing that a police officer has checked on detained individuals periodically throughout the night.

He said he wants to see the detention record related to the case to see if the officer recorded “time and time again that he checked on these two prisoners and they had no complaints”.

“If that has occurred, then that would be another problem that the officer has to explain,” the minister said.

“The system will hold whoever is responsible to account and these things must be explained.

“Firstly, it is astounding that it could happen, and secondly, if, as a detention officer, he is not honest in what he writes on the detention record, that is even more problematic. And so none of us have any issues, any interests in defending or protecting slack people.”

Magistrate Kendra Kelly remanded Bodie, who pleaded guilty to the indecent assault charge, to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for a psychiatric assessment to determine his fitness to plead.

He is scheduled to make his next court appearance on December 14.

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