Murder victim was preparing for the birth of his third child

A 44-year-old man, who was shot and killed on Hawthorne Road on Sunday night, was preparing for the birth of his third child, according to one of his daughters.

Dante Woods told The Nassau Guardian that although her father, Danton Woods, a landscaper, already had two daughters, he was still excited for the arrival of his youngest child.

“At first he was a little uneasy about it because he already has grandchildren, so to bring forth another child would be weird,” she said.

“…He seemed fairly excited, ready to go baby shopping because the child should be here sometime soon.”

Woods said she and her sister will now help take care of the baby.

“We’re going to make sure that child is straight,” Woods said.

She described her father as fun and easy going and that he was primarily focused on work and family.

She said he was very close with his grandson and granddaughter.

“They [were] his everything,” Woods said.

“So, whoever did this, y’all took him away from his grandbabies and that’s going to be the hardest thing to tell them.”

She continued, “They were always with him. [He took them] to the beach, to the pool, just on rides. He just had my daughter on Saturday right before this happened. My daughter was always with her granddad.”

She said her father didn’t associate with many people.

“If you bothered him, then that was a difference, but he did not start up problems,” she said.

“He [was] not a troublesome person.”

Woods added, “Most of our life, he was away to school. When he came back, he tried to be more involved with us. He was really good. Sometimes, we didn’t really have the best relationship but he was a really good dad.”

She said losing her father “really, really hurts”.

“…We will get through it because there’s nothing God can’t do,” Woods said.

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