Murdered man had marijuana in his system

Murder victim Wayne Seymour used marijuana sometime prior to his death, a forensic toxicologist testified yesterday.

Prosecutors allege that Lynette Charlton, who is otherwise known as Kinette Joseph, shot Seymour on December 27, 2015, while she was a passenger in his Chevrolet Silverado truck.

She allegedly pushed Seymour out the vehicle and drove off, leaving him to die on Adelaide Road.

The truck was discovered burned to the ground through Unison Road the following day. Prosecutors contend that Charlton was jealous that Seymour was seeing other women.

However, she denied this, saying that although intimate, they were not in a relationship.

Sergeant 2716 Cyprian Collie, who was deemed an expert witness, testified that Corporal 3244 Dorsett gave him toxicological samples from Seymour on March 10, 2016.

Collie said he submitted those samples to the Miami Dade County Examiner’s Office on December 14, 2016.

Reading from the report prepared by Diane Boland, Collie said most of the drugs found in Seymour’s blood were associated with his medical treatment.

However, Collie did not form the view that the marijuana metabolite was consistent with medical treatment, as medicinal marijuana is not used here.

In response to a question from prosecutor Cephia Pinder-Moss, Collie said it could be possible for someone who lived in the United States.

According to previous testimony, Seymour had lived in New York.

Questioned by defense lawyer Sonia Timothy, Collie could not say how long before his death Seymour had used the drug.

Collie said the presence of the marijuana metabolite in the bloodstream did not mean that Seymour had used the drug soon before his death.

He said it was possible that Seymour was a frequent marijuana user since “marijuana stores itself in the body”.

The trial continues before Justice Jeanine Weech-Gomez on October 27.

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