Murders fueled by raging ‘turf war’

Killings more than double compared to last March

Acting Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander reported yesterday that the murders that occurred in New Providence over the weekend were likely the result of a gang war over drug turf, but police had no one in custody in relation to those crimes.

The five killings resulted in the murder count for the month of March more than doubling the number that occurred the same time last year.

There were 12 murders in the first 13 days of this month, almost averaging a murder a day.

“It’s more like tit for tat,” Fernander said during a virtual press briefing.

“If you kill my boy, then we are coming back at you. We are pretty much aware of the different fractions of gangs that are involved in this matter. We continue to go after these individuals to disrupt their operation.”

Fernander declined to provide the names of the gangs that are believed to be involved.

He said some of the recent victims were not intended targets.

“Based on our investigation thus far, he was not the intended target,” said Fernander when asked about claims that the man shot and killed on Thompson Lane on Saturday was not the intended target.

“We are aware who the target was and that’s why I said earlier in my presentation that family members and friends of these individuals who are involved in the life of crime should stay away from them. They should not communicate with them, not harbor them because they are putting their lives in danger.”

Fernander said young men are being recruited to carry out crimes.

“We see what I call the senior criminals and they are recruiting these young men who are left alone,” he said.

“That is why we continue to ask parents to please try to talk to your kids, especially the young men, to move them away from the life of crime. You find that the senior criminals, who are out there, they are not committing crimes. They use the young men.

“They are putting a gun in their hands and giving them instructions to carry out these criminal acts…If you, as family members, are with them, then you also become targets and, if they can’t get the target, they will target you, the family.”

As of Sunday, The Bahamas’ murder count for the year was 28 – one more than last year that time.

Twelve murders were recorded in January, representing a 20 percent increase when compared to the 10 recorded in January 2021.

There was a 67 percent decrease in murders last month with four recorded. Twelve murders were recorded in February 2021.

While 12 murders were recorded in the first 13 days of this month, there were five murders in the first 13 days of March 2021.

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