NAD adapting to changing travel restrictions

With ever-changing travel guidelines in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) stated it remains ready to adapt to whatever new travel restrictions are implemented by the competent authority.

Days after announcing in a national address that commercial flights from the United States would not be permitted to enter the country, it was revealed on Friday that the newest emergency orders on international travel for visitors now makes it possible for travelers from all countries to enter The Bahamas on commercial air carriers as long as they adhere to a mandatory 14-day government quarantine.

“The airport has made full preparation for the new normal as it relates to COVID-19. We expect there to be changes and new information so we adjust, never taking our focus off providing the best travel experience we can in each new circumstance,” NAD stated in a written response to Guardian Business inquiries.

Bahamians and legal residents returning from overseas by air or sea must still present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result no more than 10 days old and a valid health visa in addition to being quarantined.

Initially, the competent authority was only authorizing flights with passengers from Canada, the United Kingdom and countries within the European Union to enter the country.

Asked about how many flights would have been expected to enter the country through Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) with restrictions on United States-based air carriers bringing in passengers, NAD said it would have meant one weekly flight from Canada.

“Air Canada continues to service Nassau and it is expected that British Airways will resume service in the coming months. We do not have direct flights from the European Union,” NAD stated.

“As with the previous border closure, incoming commercial flights arrive to the destination empty and depart with passengers wishing to leave The Bahamas.”

Up to last week, NAD had reported approximately 5,600 visitors had traveled to The Bahamas through LPIA, with the airport welcoming on average about 500 visitors a day.

To put things in perspective, last July LPIA saw on average 5,000 travelers through the airport daily.

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