NagiaSym live for a night of praise

There is nothing more that Cornet “NagiaSym” Symonette likes than to “pour back” into the youth, and the young at heart, and it’s with this in mind that she will host and headline her second “A Night of Praise” concert.

NagiaSym will rock the house on Saturday, December 11, with her throwback hits and songs from her upcoming project “FaithxWork”, which is expected to drop in January 2022.

Performances are also scheduled from Landlord, Oslien Jadorte, Stacs, Mr. Blaxx, Mr. J and Big Bruh, so concert attendees can expect to hear praise, gospel, reggae and worship with the diverse lineup that NagiaSym has chosen.

“The artists that will be ministering are all diverse, and they each have a unique style of gospel music,” she said.

NagiaSym, who resides in Savannah, Georgia, said returning home for the concert is also her way of giving back.

“I decided to have this concert to show love to the people that supported me over the years, even though I reside out of country,” she said.

NagiaSym recently released the project’s hit single “Walk It Out” as well as its video. The song, which she penned, encourages believers to not give up, and to walk it out when life gets tough, or when their walk with God gets rough. Through the song, NagiaSym reminds people that the race is not for the swift, but for the people who endure until the end.

NagiaSym told The Nassau Guardian she has high hopes for “FaithWork” and “Walk It Out”.

She is taking to the stage for the first time at home, since the single and video release, and having transitioned to the genre of Caribbean Urban Gospel – a little afro beat, some reggae and a little Calypso, all mixed in together.

It’s a genre NagiaSym earlier said God transitioned her to, and one she was grateful to embrace, as she does not want to be just the traditional singer or the worship leader that everyone expects.

“I want to be something totally different, and I believe that’s why God pushed me into that category,” she said.

The gospel artist said she was at work when the song came to her.

“I had a little break, so I began scrolling on my phone trying to find this beat. I found the beat, and there was a pavement out front, and I began to walk across, and the works – giving 100 not 99 started flowing in my spirit. I turned to the front of the building, as if I was in a mini concert, and I just started spitting – and the song just came from there. I came home that night and was persistent in getting it done because I had an awards show coming up, and I wanted to minister the song.”

NagiaSym then went into the studio and put the song down.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! This is it right here. This ‘bout to be the song everybody is going to know NagiaSym for.’ So, ‘Walk It Out’ was actually written in less than a week; in studio the next week and we were able to get the song done. And it’s just an awesome song,” she said.

“As a child of God … as a believer, we have good days and we have bad days. We have days when it feels like we ain’t getting a prayer through – and then we have days where all of our prayers getting answered. Listen, even when times get rough, and you feel like you want to run away, stay in the race, because the race is not for the swift but for the one who endureth to the end. And we wrestle not against the flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, spiritual wickedness, so you have to guard yourself in the whole armor of God and you have to walk this thing out. You can’t afford to run. No, we ain’t running; we ain’t leaving the race. We’re going to stay right here and are going to walk it out with Him.”

Concert patrons are expected to hear songs that she said are “awesome” as the “FaithxWork EP” will feature a variety of styles – NagiaSym gospel reggae, apostolic and praise break.

“FaithxWork” is my testimony album,” said NagiaSym. “For so many years, I’ve had the faith to believe in myself but I was inconsistent with putting in the work,” she said.

“A Night of Praise”, she expects, will bring down the house at Golden Gates Native Baptist Church on Lobster Avenue, beginning with a 7 p.m. start time, assuring that COVID-19 protocols will be enforced.

Reverends Alonzo Hinsey, Jr. and Monique Hinsey are the host pastors.

“A Night of Praise” follows up the revival “The Return of the Prophetic Fire” that NagiaSym hosted in June.

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