NagiaSym’s faith produces the work

Gospel artist’s ‘FaithxWork’ single from ‘FaithxWork’ project drops today

Not straying too far from the Caribbean Urban Gospel formula that resonated with her fans on the single “Walk It Out” – NagiaSym’s single FaithxWork featuring RJay drops today.

It’s a song that Cornet “NagiaSym” Symontte said encourages listeners to get up from the seat of indecisiveness and discouragement and get moving.

“You can’t have it unless you put that faith to work,” said NagiaSym, an independent gospel artist.

The single on which she intertwines Afro beat, reggae and Calypso, is available today in all digital stores.

She is embracing the genre that works for her.

“This is the genre God has transitioned me to, and I am grateful for it,” she previously told The Nassau Guardian.

“FaithxWork” single is just one of the songs from an EP that NagiaSym has been working towards.

She had expected to drop the EP “FaithxWork” in January. Whenever it does, she has said that it will feature a variety of styles – NagiaSym gospel reggae Apostolic and praise break.

Whenever it releases, it’s a body of work that she has described as her “testimony” album because she said for many years that she had the faith to believe in herself, but was inconsistent with putting in the work.

“FaithxWork” she said was also a title given to her by God.

“I was praying to God and saying what did you want me to name this project – I have the faith, I been knowing I wanted to get out and do music, but I wasn’t putting in the work. The Bible tells us faith without work is dead, so God gave me the name – ‘FaithxWork’ – so, faith times work equals results.”

Prior to her newest single, NagiaSym dropped the popular reggae gospel single “Walk It Out” and a video in 2021.

The song, which was written by NagiaSym, also has anthemic bend, encouraging believers everywhere to not give up, and to walk it out when life gets tough or when their walk with God gets rough. She reminds people that the race is not for the swift, but for the people who endure  to the end.

NagiaSym said she had high hopes for both “FaithxWork” and “Walk It Out.”

NagiaSym, who relocated to the United States in 2016, and resides in Savannah, Georgia, was at work when “Walk It Out” came to her.

“I had a little break, so I began scrolling on my phone trying to find this beat. I found the beat and there was a pavement out front, and I began to walk across, and the works – giving 100 not 99 started flowing in my spirit. I turned to the front of the building as if I was in a mini concert, and I just started spitting – and the song just came from there. I came home that night and was persistent in getting it done because I had an awards show coming up, and I wanted to minister the song.”

NagiaSym then went into the studio and put the song down.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! This is it right here. This is ‘bout to be the song everybody is going to know NagiaSym for.’ So, ‘Walk It Out’ was actually written in less than a week; in studio the next week and we were able to get the song done. And it’s just an awesome song,” she said. It was produced by Logan J. Williams, Sr.

“As a child of God … as a believer, we have good days and we have bad days. We have days when it feels like we ain’t getting a prayer through – and then we have days where all of our prayers getting answered. Listen, even when times get rough and you feel like you want to run away, stay in the race, because the race is not for the swift, but for the one who endureth to the end. And we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, spiritual wickedness, so you have to guard yourself in the whole armor of God and you have to walk this thing out. You can’t afford to run. No, we ain’t running; we ain’t leaving the race. We’re going to stay right here and are going to walk it out with Him.”

NagiaSym is no newcomer to the industry. She celebrated her 10th anniversary in the gospel game this year. Although it’s been an inconsistent decade she gives thanks to God because she said she did not completely fail her assignment.

She has also seen some success in the industry having some of her songs nominated for awards. Her single “Motivated” was nominated for three S&M Gospel Indie Awards – best new artist of the year, female vocalist of the year contemporary, and artist of the year contemporary.

“‘Motivated’ is a song that God had given me in a time when I had stopped doing music because I was like I can’t deal with this music thing no more – it’s too hard [and] I felt like I ain’t getting nowhere. But God told me, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, so you have to be motivated.”

She was motivated, and the result was her three nominations which she said are a big deal to her, considering innately she is a person that does not like to compete, and not liking competition, would not nominate herself for an award. At the same token, NagiaSym had to come to the realization that it was a mindset she had to change if she wanted to move forward with her music. She said she had to adopt a winner’s mindset, and realized that in order to win, most of the time, you have to compete.

“This music ministry has never been a competition for me. I just love doing it. I love singing. I love writing. So, when God changed my mindset, I became more open to these nominations and even being on big shows and stuff like that,” she said.

NagiaSym’s stage name is a combination of her nickname “Netty”, middle name “Georgia”, and last name “Symonette”.

She wanted a unique stage moniker, and kept the “Sym” from Symonette to honor her family’s musical background – her grandmother, recording artist Reverend Dr. Hilda Symonette and her great-granduncle George Symonette who was known as the “king of Goombay”.

NagiaSym has been singing from the age of five, and said she gave her life to the Lord at the age of 15, the same age that she said she developed her unique voice.

“I was born and raised in a Christian home by my parents [Reverends Michael and Hilda Symonette] and also my grandparents [Pastor George Symonette and Apostle Yvette Saunders]. I would consider myself born saved,” she said. “As I began to experience the joy in serving at my church in the choir and dance ministry, I knew the call on my life was permanent, and I had an influence on my peers. The positive influence that I had is what caused me to convert and take my walk serious with God.”

NagiaSym’s sophomore EP comes following her debut EP “I’m Coming Out”, which was released in 2015 on which was the hit single “I Love My God.”

“Motivated” featuring Stacs was released in 2019. The single also earned a Bahamas Gospel Music Award best collaboration nomination.

“I am very proud of the work I’ve done and how far I’ve come as a Caribbean gospel artist and evangelist,” NagiaSym previously said.

A decade into getting her music off the ground, she described it as her finally being in her open-door season.

As she continues to prevail and drop hit singles, NagiaSym said she works to not just be the traditional singer of worship leader. She thrives on being something totally different, which she said is why she believes God pushed her into the genre that she current uses.

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