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Last rites for Nancy Aladyce Bain-Ellis age 68 of Farmer’s Cay, Exuma who died on Monday 27th January, 2020 will be held at 9:30AM on Saturday 8th February, 2020 at St. Mary’s Union Baptist Church, Little Farmer’s Cay, Exuma. Officiating will be Pastor Valurine M. Bain-Pinder, assisted by Pastor Stephen L. Smith and other ministers of the gospel. Interment will follow in Little Farmer’s Cay Cemetery. She is survived by her Sons: Cedric Brown, Cecil Smith, Aiden Burrows , Daughter: Alaydice Ellis, Daughter-in-Law: Vanessa Smith, Step Daughter: Gwendolyn Ellis, Step Son: Hewitt Rolle, Adopted Daughters: Nurse Darlene Curtis (Trevor) and Laurielle Knowles, Other Adopted Children: Shonell “Nelly” Rodgers (caregiver), Miguel Deveaux, Wayde Bain, Dwighte Sherman and Delrado Burrows, Brothers and Wives: Terry and Ernestine Bain, Dean Harry and Ann Bain, Patrick Billy Bain, Commander Warren and Yvonne Bain, Anthony Bain (deceased) and Valaria Stuart-Bain, Sisters: Veronica Gaitor, Marina Rolle, Beverly Finley, Pastor Valurine Bain Pinder, Adopted Sisters and Brothers: The Honourable George Smith, Lorrie and Annette Brown, Fenton and Diane Walsch, Emeretta and Frank Minnis, Oscar Whitman and family, Forester McGargle and family, Adopted Mothers: Agatha Burrows of Barratarre and Maria “Mama Ria” Nixon, Adopted Uncle: Roosevelt Nixon and Johnny Nixon, Grand Children: Jeliza Brown-Stubbs, Kearje Smith, Maya Walkes, Caden and Cai Smith, Stephen Ellis, Donnay Mortimer, Elijah Ellis, Adopted Grand Children: Kye Gibson, Step Grandchildren: Shantira Ellis, Johnelle Farrington, Anthone, Daynia ,Richard Jr., Kyle & Laketra Ellis, Great Grandchildren: Leonardo Miller, Brentino Nixon, Melisa Miller and Skye Stubbs, Dafia and Dakhai Smith, Nephews: Steve Finley, Ty Wells, Ainsworth Moxey, Torin Carter, Elon, Travaughn, Lamond Bain, Derick Pitter and Antonio Bain, Nieces: Nadine, Heidi Rolle, Karen Delancey, Christine Munroe, Donna Glinton, Geavonna Stubbs, Jan (Camilo) Gibson, Lisa, Tasnim, Kadejah, Sharry, Shanelle , Aklia and Laren Bain, Katera, Grand nieces and nephews: Shamsi Munroe, Noelle Rolle, Vashaun and Drew Henderson, Niesha and Nathalia Delancey, Alexandria and Shirley Stubbs, Alexander Stubbs, Hashan and Ari Gibson, Brittney and Paige Finley, Justin, Sean, Kiana, Sydney, Chenrisse, Alaina, Aylisa and Snow, Brothers in Law: Deacon Hallan Rolle, Moses “Junior” Rolle and Godfrey Ellis, Childhood friends: Colliemae Ferguson, Judy Tooth, Ena Ferguson, Rend Percentie, Carvel Moxey and Maud Maycock, Sisters in Christ: Deaconess Mavis Rolle, Lantasha Adderley, Karen Jarvis, Shirley Nixon, Darryl Nixon, Lynette Bain, Deborah Ennis and Brendlyn Percentie, Former Work colleagues and friends: Walter Rolle, Peneloupe Nixon, Bethsheba Ferguson, Bernice Marshall and Margaret Brown, Cousins: Yvette Bethel, The Honourable Carl Bethel and family, Pastor Lyall Bethel and family, Eloise Smith and family, Odessa Ellis, Floyd Moxey, Louise Hart, Susan Nixon, Majorie Maycock, Euterpie Bain, Eddie and Donita Bain, Dwayne and Lynette Bain, Ingrid Nixon, Simeon Bain, Jestina Bain, Sheena and Anthony Bethel, Annie and Nelly, Tyrone and Shonalee Munroe, Corey “Coach” Brown, Wayde, Mizpah, Bridgette and Troy Nixon, Captain Harry, Kenneth and Kendal Nixon, Fletcher “Junior” Tinker and Winston Churchill Rolle, Mary Bodie, Alfred “Bird” Rolle and family, Percy Rolle, Jeffrey Rolle, Stanley Rolle, Deno, Carlo and Denise Darville, Dencil Nottage, Sherman “Slim” McKenzie, The Honourable Brensil Rolle and family, The Honourable Picewell Forbes, The Honourable Anthony Moss and family, Rev. Henry Rolle and Family, The Lively and Provacative Darold Miller, Eula Nixon of Pleasant Bay, South Andros and Julian Nixon, Dudley and Gayle Pratt, Owen McPhee, Captain Bersal Moxey and family, Captain Lesada Moxey and Family, Attorney James Moxey and family, Elam Moxey and family Captain Kevin Moxey and family, Captain Derek Moxey and family, Eron Percentie and family, The family of the late L J Maycock, The family of the late Eula Nixon, The family of the late Leroy “Slaughter” Rolle, The family of the late Charles and Muriel Bain, The family of the late Joyce Smith, The family of the late Janet Smith, The family of the late Henrietta Adderley, The family of the late Addison Maycock, The family of the late Maxwell and Eugenia Bowe, The family of the late Captain Edgar Osbourne Moxey, The family of the late Cedric Moxey, Myrtle Black and family, Minister Sudlin Black and family, Minister Elvy Armbrister and family, The Family of Payman Rolle, Wade Nixon and family, Rev. Burkie Rolle and family, Deacon Julian McKenzie and family, Hughrie Lloyd and family, Cora McKenzie and family, Eunal Mckenzie and family, Livingston Smith and family, Millicent Smith and family, Mag and Janeen Curtis, Anvil and Valerie Taylor and family, Wellington and Juletta Charlton and family, Delray Ennis and family, Patrick Maycock and family, Dwight Maycock and family, President Lynden Clarke and family, Rev. Cedric Smith and family, Rev. Dr. Adam Brown and family, Rev. Hueton Lloyd and family, Deaconess Elsiemae Smith and family, Minister Melda Ferguson and the Exuma District Women’s Department, Lerman and Magnola Rolle, Oswald Nixon and family, Darren and Diane Tucker and family, The family of the late Mother Majorie Nixon, The family of the late James Justice Nixon, The family of the late Eugene and Arabella Smith, The family of the late Lillian McKenzie, The family of the late Naomi McKenzie, The family of the late Elkeno Rolle of Rolleville, The family of the late Annie Lloyd, The family of the late Rolly Gray, The family of the late James and Mercianna Nixon, The family of the late Captain Willie and Graida Knowles, Captain Etienne Maycock and the entire M/V Caption C Crew, Keturah Fox and Family, Keith and Kim Thompson, Erie and Sharlene Morley, Martin Rolle of Rolleville and family, Don and Ethel Smith, Hedley Smith and family, Everett Hart and family, Enid Pinder and family, Rose Carson and family, Laverne Duncombe and family, Dorcas Shuttleworth, Steve Cone and Cave Cay, Hermiston Pratt and Family, Rev. Stephen Smith and family, Deacon Urban Smith and family, The family of the late Frank Hanna, Ebenezer Union Baptist church Barraterre Rolleville and Farmers Hill, District of Black Point Local Government, Exuma District of Local Government, Entire community of Farmer’s Cay Black Point, Staniel Cay, Barraterre, the mainland Exuma and Ragged Island, Roger and Niccola Miller, Nurse Ashita Patton, Nurse Poitier, Nurse Rachelle Dames, Tounia Knowles and Ashley Knowles (Laboratory Phlebotomists), Brenda Cooper – Physiotherapist, Dr. Frederick Smith, Dr. Kevin Moss, The staff of Doctor’s Hospital, The staff of The Princess Margaret Hospital, The staff of PMH Dialysis Unit, The Private Female Medical Ward Staff and a host other relatives and friends. The body will repose in Nassau on Thursday from 10:00AM to 5:00PM at Curtis Memorial Mortuary, Robinson Road & Fifth Street, and at the church on Saturday from 8:30AM until service time.

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