Nassau gangs need a come to Jesus moment

Dear Editor,

The Bahamas is still reeling from the bloodbath on Jerome Avenue and Chesapeake Road on April 15. Without ironclad evidence, I am assuming that this tragic incident was gang related.

If so, this can explain why the murder rate in New Providence is so inordinately high, considering the size of its overall population. Gangs are engaging in vigilante violence against rivals. And innocent people are routinely caught in the crossfire.

We all know who the gangs are. But few Bahamians are willing to call names, which is understandable. Gangs are known to seek retaliation against any perceived enemy.

Quite frankly, I have lost all confidence in the political and judicial systems to protect innocent civilians in the capital, especially in the Kemp Road, Fox Hill and Bain and Grants Town areas — known gang spots.

Despite the highly-touted Urban Renewal Programme and all the millions of dollars poured into the Royal Bahamas Police Force and national security, Nassau remains a city under siege by wanton gang violence.

The politicians, psychologists, sociologists, criminologists and our prominent men of the cloth have all failed to eradicate the gang culture that pervades Nassau.

At this point, the only feasible solution I can see is for the spirit-filled evangelical church to bombard the gang hotspots and proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, after a period of prayer and fasting.

The church in New Providence must appreciate the biblical truth of spiritual warfare. There are malevolent incorporeal beings behind the violent crime spree in Nassau.

These evil spirits are under the direct command of a spiritual hierarchy diametrically opposed to the Christian world view.

As Daniel 10 mentions a prince of Persia who withstood a divine messenger sent by God to His prophet, I believe that The Bahamas has also been assigned a violently aggressive principality whom biblical writers would call the prime minister of this country.

Bible believing Christians who are well versed in the scriptures would understand exactly what I am saying. Understand, I am not referring to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. I am alluding to a violent spiritual being who views himself as the rightful ruler of The Bahamas, not Dr. Minnis or his predecessors, dating all the way back to Sir Roland Symonette, the Spaniards and the British colonists.

For all we know, this other prime minister could have been assigned his post when the first Arawak Indians set foot on these islands, probably over 1,000 years ago, with their Zemi idols.

Ephesians 6:12 says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities; rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realm.

Satan, in Ephesians 2:2, is called the prince of the power of the air.

The Bible assures us that no weapon formed against the church will prosper. The violent gang groups in New Providence would be shocked if God were to open their eyes to see what is influencing them to harm their fellow human beings.

I promise you they would immediately lay down their weapons and call for a permanent ceasefire.

Those who commit murder are in fact children of Satan, who himself is a murderer (John 8:44). Man was created in God’s image. That is why murder is such a heinous act, which warrants the death penalty.

Satan relishes the fact that the overwhelming majority of slain gangsters are not prepared spiritually to meet their Creator. Hence, the wanton bloodletting.

Gang members, like the rest of us, are sinners in need of salvation. This spiritual approach worked well for the late David Wilkerson in getting a violent gangbanger, named Nicki Cruz of the Mau Maus — a New York based gang which terrorized that city during the 1950s — to turn his life around.

Today, Cruz is a very successful Christian leader, who has documented his amazing spiritual transformation in his autobiography titled “Run Baby Run”.

Bahamians who are members of the Nassau gangs must be made to understand the dire eternal implications of their nefarious exploits.

While they may evade capture or conviction in this short lifetime, gang members will have to give a thorough account of their crimes to the God of the Bible on Judgment Day.

The Free National Movement and the Progressive Liberal Party are at their wit’s end with the crime situation in Nassau. I get that.

The spirit-filled people of God must now step in and preach to the gang groups that they are in dire need of a come to Jesus moment before it’s too late.

Far too many of them are now lost for all eternity, without hope and without Christ Jesus.

Kevin Evans

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