Nassau Guardian executive editor in The Gambia as part of election observer team

The Nassau Guardian’s Executive Editor Candia Dames is in The Gambia as part of the Commonwealth Observer Group to observe that country’s presidential election set for Saturday, December 4. 

The nine-member team consists of members from across the Commonwealth and “brings together a diversity of experience with experts in the fields of elections, law, civil society, political, human rights and conflict resolution”. 

The Gambia, a coastal country bounded by Senegal, is found in west Africa.

The group is led by former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo. 

After several days of meetings with numerous stakeholders, including political parties, the police, civil society groups, citizen observer and monitor groups, and the media, observers were deployed all over the country ahead of Saturday’s election.

In a statement, Obasanjo said, “On election day, our group will observe the opening, voting, closing, counting and the results management processes. We will issue an interim statement on our preliminary findings on 6 December 2021, and the group will depart The Gambia by 10 December 2021.

“Our final report will then be prepared and submitted to the Commonwealth secretary general, and subsequently shared with relevant stakeholders and the public.

“Our presence here reaffirms the solidarity and support of the Commonwealth to The Gambia and its democratic processes.”

The group also includes former Ghana Minister of the Interior Prosper Bani; former Kenyan Minister of Justice Martha Karua; former chair of the Electoral Commission in Seychelles Hendrick Gappy; Sri Lanka Executive Director of the Centre for Equality and Justice Shaymala Gomez; Uganda Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission Crispin Kaheru; and former Zambia Attorney General Musa Mwenye.

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