Nat’l emergency preparedness plan needed

Dear Editor,

Hurricane Dorian will be a reminder that disasters of any magnitude can happen at any time.

It is evident the Minnis administration struggled to properly manage this catastrophe.

In the chaos, the Bahamian people and the international community stepped up and took the lead to save lives and bring relief. Nevertheless, I commend the team at NEMA and other officials who worked tirelessly to provide support within their capacity and with the resources they had available.

Moving forward, public safety must become a priority.

It is imperative that the government of The Bahamas works expeditiously to implement a more robust, comprehensive and strategic National Emergency Preparedness Plan to strengthen the nation’s existing emergency response capabilities.

We can’t prevent natural disasters and we can’t control the impact, but a strategy would ensure we have the ability to protect residents, respond to and recover from disasters.

– Akeem Scott

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