Nat’l failures after major landmark achievements

Dear Editor, 

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” — Vincent Van Gogh

Our national leaders must go back to the school of humanity and genuine caring in an effort to become more artistic in genuinely loving those whom they lead.

Bahamians were supposedly liberated with the advent of majority rule and supposedly united as a people with the dawning of independence.

Sadly, and in retrospect, in my humble opinion, both of the aforementioned were and remain window dressing. Our celebration of the two aforementioned signature events have, for the most part, failed to achieve their original significance.

With respect to majority rule, the end product is the creation of a new oligarchy within the majority. This new oligarchy has become the new masters of the Bahamians they claimed to have liberated and united.

Since the achievement of the two aforementioned national landmarks, Bahamians are more divided than they have ever been. Bahamians are leaving the shores in unprecedented numbers, thus draining the country of talent that is needed for national development.

It has become a national policy to isolate those who have original and different thought from the political directorate. Being Bahamian is having loyalty for and paying fealty or homage to the gold, red or green.

Leaders, particularly black leaders, have failed to teach those whom they lead the importance of loyalty to the country, but they praise, reward and encourage those who pay homage to the party. This false encouragement gives rise to which comes first in the scheme of building a national consensus on matters that speak to who Bahamians are culturally, socially and morally.

It is a lack of consensus, which has become precedent and is an antithesis to the focus on the development of the national progeny.

Where there is no development of the national progeny, there is no future, and where there is no future, the nation, and its people, die — not physical death but spiritual death. This spiritual death, in my humble opinion, occurs because there is no connection between where we were (the past), where we are (the present) and where we are going (the future).

The foregoing is certainly the recipe for the death of individuals in the Bahamian society and by extension the entire nation.

Bahamians and particularly the young people have been taught by the dishonorable that it is alright to lie, cheat and not keep their word.

Bahamians have been taught that it is alright to make what is immoral legal by having what is untenable cloaked in a blanket of parliamentary approval.

Bahamians have been taught that it is alright to mock and spit upon those who attempt to speak the truth among those who are committed to telling and supporting untruths.

Bahamians have been taught that it is alright to circle the wagons around those who sit in high office and are incompetent, while demanding excellence from those who serve the masters of the political circus.

There is no end to the parade where our national political leaders are parading morally naked. The struggle is real. And it continues…

–  Dr. Donald M. McCartney, D.M.

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