Nearly 1,000 buildings on GB still in need of repair

A recently released report on ongoing remediation and repairs to Grand Bahama structures that were damaged by Hurricane Dorian has revealed there are nearly 1,000 buildings are still in need of repairs.

The Shelter Cluster report, which was dated December 12, 2019, gave a detailed breakdown of the completed, current and future projects being carried out by local and international nonprofit organizations.

It revealed that 537 buildings had works that were completed or ongoing, while there were still 980 known to be awaiting remediation.

That number did not include works planned by Grand Bahama Disaster Relief, Iris Relief, SBD or the Lutheran Disaster Response, as the organizations were still determining how many structures require their assistance.

According to the report, the process of tarping roofs was nearly finished across the island, with Samaritan’s Purse planning to tarp 250 more roofs to complete the process.

So far, 201 buildings have undergone the process of mucking and gutting, where damaged materials were removed from the structures. One hundred and eighty-nine buildings underwent mold remediation, and 56 underwent nonstructural repairs. 

Some buildings had already undergone all three of the processes.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caristas, which are both Catholic organizations, are planning to gut and offer mold remediation and nonstructural repairs for 225 structures in the Heritage area.

In the same area, Global Medic, Rotary and SBP are planning to conduct mold remediation on 60 homes.

In Sunset Park, SBP, formerly known as St. Bernard Project, is planning to muck and gut and offer mold remediation, nonstructural repairs and structural repairs to whichever buildings require the services, but the number has not been determined yet.

The International Red Cross and the Bahamas Red Cross are planning to muck and gut and offer mold remediation and nonstructural repairs to 50 buildings in various areas. 

Samaritan’s Purse has plans to muck and gut and offer mold remediation to 250 buildings in various areas.

Global Emergency Recovery, Relief and Reconstruction (GER3) is planning to muck and gut and offer mold remediation and nonstructural repairs to 45 buildings in Free Town, Gambier Point and High Rock.

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