Nearly 16,000 new names added to voters’ register

Acting Parliamentary Commissioner Lavado Duncanson said yesterday that nearly 16,000 new names have been added to the voters’ register since 2017.

“Given those numbers — 15,766 — we’re seeing the numbers trend in the right direction and so we are certainly trending towards our projected goal,” Duncanson told The Nassau Guardian.

“Remember, we had projected approximately some 20,000 persons, give or take, who should register since 2017. If we’re at 15,766, the overall numbers are indicating that we’re trending in the right direction.”

He said there are 28,166 voters registered on the Family Islands, 30,389 on Grand Bahama and 131,926 on New Providence.

Duncanson said there are 190,481 names on the register.

He said the names of more than 6,400 dead people have been removed from the register.

There were 181,000 registered voters in the 2017 election, with a voter turnout of around 88 percent.

Grand Bahama and Abaco were ravaged by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.

The brutal Category 5 storm left thousands displaced, scores missing and dozens missing.

Despite the impact of Dorian, there has been a slight increase in registered voters in Grand Bahama.

There were 6,351 voters registered in Central Grand Bahama in 2017, 6,175 in East Grand Bahama, 6,025 in Marco City, 5,390 in Pineridge and 5,588 in West Grand Bahama and Bimini.

As of yesterday, there are 6,661 voters registered in Central Grand Bahama, 6,341 in East Grand Bahama, 6,185 in Marco City, 5,580 in Pineridge, and 5,626 in West Grand Bahama and Bimini.

There are six new voters registered in North Abaco when compared to the 4,985 registered in 2017.

There was a slight decline in voters registered in Central and South Abaco.

There were 3,338 voters registered in the constituency in 2017. As of yesterday, there are 3,264 voters registered. 

The Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Act, 2020, repealed the legal requirement for a five-year register and a new permanent register came into force.

People registered for the 2017 general election who have not relocated to a different residence for a period of 90 days or more shall remain registered as a voter entitled to vote, unless their names have been removed by the parliamentary commissioner.

Only qualified Bahamians who are not registered on the 2017 register or who have moved to an address different from the one on their purple voter’s card need to visit a Parliamentary Registration Department center to register or transfer their registration to a new polling division or constituency where they now reside.

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