New Providence does not need another layer of government bureaucracy

Dear Editor,

The Progressive Liberal Party government’s plan to introduce local government in New Providence will add another unnecessary layer of bureaucracy in the capital, which is where the central government is headquartered.

The prime minister resides on New Providence. In fact, every prime minister dating back to Sir Roland Symonette lived on New Providence.

To the best of my knowledge, each of New Providence’s 24 MPs reside on the island where the House of Assembly and the Senate are located.

The governor general resides on New Providence.

The commissioner of police resides on the island. The commodore of the defense force resides there.

The comptroller of Bahamas Customs & Excise Department resides on New Providence. The directorate of Bahamas Immigration resides on New Providence.

The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal are both located on New Providence.

The director of public prosecutions resides on New Providence. The head of Bahamas Department of Corrections resides on New Providence.

The main purpose of local government in the Family Islands was to make the central government more accessible to the residents of the islands, like Nassauvians, who live a mere stone’s throw away from the three main organs of the central government.

That’s why I view the introduction of local government on New Providence as superfluous.

Kevin Evans

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