New Providence Ecology Park ready to assist with Dorian cleanup

New Providence Ecology Park (NPEP) Project Manager Timothy Hodge said yesterday that the park has 55 trained Bahamians ready to assist with the management of Hurricane Dorian debris and trash on Abaco.

Hodge said NPEP has submitted a proposal to government given the success it has had with the former dumpsite it now manages.

“Our strong suggestion and the proposal we made is that we can go and help there,” said Hodge.

“It would be better for us to mobilize and go there and help on that side. We now have a team of 55 trained Bahamians who know how to handle the waste and work with the waste, so we’d like to suggest strongly that our crew of Bahamian folks should be the ones to go over and help on Abaco.

“We’ve got equipment, we’ve got gear, we’ve got know-how and everything and we’d like to go there.”

Hodge said it would be cost efficient and more environmentally secure for Abaco’s debris to be processed on Abaco, as opposed to trying to ship it to New Providence to be placed in NPEP. But he said some of the products taken out of Abaco can be brought to NPEP to be recycled.

“What we can do is leverage what is happening here,” Hodge said.

“We have a recycling program here, we have a tire recycling program here, so all that material from Abaco can come here and be integrated and so that’s the way the two things would leverage together.

“But in general, the bulk of it should be processed, we think, on-site and on Abaco and be beneficially reused on Abaco to the greatest extent possible. Anything that can’t be handled there might have to migrate someplace else, but in general the processing should occur over there.”

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