New Providence man goes missing on Eleuthera

Trevaughn Edwards, 25, has not been seen in more than a week.

The Nassau native was officially reported missing on Eleuthera on Friday, but his mother, Desiree Edwards, told The Nassau Guardian that the family has not heard from him since the morning of June 3.

“It isn’t a good feeling,” she said.

“The island is so huge, you know. The island is so huge and covered with bushes and trees and you don’t know what to think.

“We’re not sleeping. We’re not sleeping at [all]. I am hoping for the best. I am hoping and I’m speaking life. That’s all I’m doing.

“I don’t even want to go on that other side, but you know persons said you’ve got to be ready for anything. But I am hoping for life and praying for that.”

Edwards added, “He was missing since Wednesday morning. I reported it on Friday of last week.”

She explained that Trevaughn, his godfather, his father and his younger brother had only been on Eleuthera for five or six months for a construction project.

But travel restrictions implemented in March to stem the spread of COVID-19 left them stranded on the island.

“His father was able to get back [to Nassau], having hypertension,” Edwards said.

“He came back on the 17th of April, along with my other son who’s 18. But [authorities] wouldn’t allow all of them to return.

“[R]eally, they were only going to let him one return, but then he pleaded for the 18-year-old being that young to come, and they allowed him. The officers wrote up the request for the both of them to depart on The Daybreak.”

Trevaughn and his godfather were left behind on Eleuthera, remaining in an apartment they had been renting on the island.

But last week Wednesday, Trevaughn left the apartment early that morning without telling anyone where he was going, his mother said.

Noting that she normally speaks with him every day, she said: “I got concerned after not hearing from him that day.

“And then when Thursday came, didn’t hear from him again. I kept on trying, calling his cell phone from Thursday morning, and the phone just kept going [to] the [recording].”

By Friday, the family made their official report and Edwards said she also spoke with the Central Detective Unit on Saturday, who assured her they would be sending a team out to Eleuthera to assist with investigations.

Police could not provide updates into the matter up to press time yesterday.

With inter-island travel restrictions eased, however, Trevaughn’s family members flew over to Eleuthera on Monday themselves to “see what is what and be on the ground”.

Edwards said Trevaughn only “got familiar with one or two persons”, whom she does not know, since being on the island.

“The bulletin is out and it’s all over,” she said.

“And he always calls me, and he wouldn’t take this long to contact me. He’s always on the phone with me or my sisters.

“[S]o we’re right here just waiting.”

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