NIB pays April pension early

The National Insurance Board of The Bahamas (NIB) is paying pension for the month of April early due to the impact of COVID-19, NIB Director Nicola Virgil-Rolle said yesterday. 

“As part of our business continuity plan to ensure that pensioners are supported during this process, like we did during other stressful periods such as hurricanes, we sought to pay pensions early and so we would have paid, this week, April pensions,” Virgil-Rolle told The Nassau Guardian

Pensioners were able to collect their checks yesterday; and for pensions receiving bank payments, they would have been received on Tuesday. 

Family Island pensioners will have the payment delayed due to the government’s emergency lockdown measures, which have shut down most forms of travel, Virgil-Rolle said.

However, she noted that these payments will still be made much earlier than usual. 

“We had to arrange, obviously, the boat to go down, so, it’s not the normal airplane approach we use,” she said. 

“We’ve been using boats, and, so the dates would be affected by that. But it still would be very early, much earlier than the usual date.”

According to Virgil-Rolle, the payments have already been sent, so Family Islanders can expect to receive their respective pensions as soon as the mailboat arrives. 

NIB has experienced crowds of people and some long lines over the past few weeks, as the number of Bahamians being laid off or losing their jobs due to business closures resulting from COVID-19 has increased. 

Virgil-Rolle recently said NIB is seeking to expedite payments in light of this crisis.


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