NIB’s heartless action

Dear Editor,

I have been a contributor of the National Insurance (NIB) fund since the 1980s, more than three decades ago. I applied for the unemployment benefit on February 1, 2021. I included all the necessary documents.

I inquired at NIB today on the status of my application. I was told that it was rejected.

They did not even have the professional courtesy to inform me via the provided email or phone number of my application status.

As a 30-plus years contributor of the National Insurance Fund, I must express my disappointment in that institution. The people who set the policy of who qualifies and who doesn’t for unemployment assistance earn big bucks for dumb decisions.

And the people who carry them out are equally unqualified and heartless. If an unemployed 30-plus year contributor doesn’t qualify for unemployment benefit, then who does? Lovers, family and friends – of course.

Yours etc.,

Dennis Dames

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