No need to rush to judgement

Dear Editor,

This week, in the House of Assembly, charges were made that the former chairman of the Beaches and Parks Authority and his team might have spread around assorted contracts in the months and weeks leading up to the general elections. If this were in fact the case, it would have been simply Bahamian politics as usual across the board. Mind you, I am not suggesting that the Hon. Shannedon Cartwright (FNM St. Barnabas) would have done ANYTHING criminal or remiss at any given time on a personal level.

I have known this fine young man and patriot for decades when he was a law clerk within one of the largest law firms in the nation. He went on to university in the USA, where he excelled on a basketball scholarship. Later, when he returned home, he became a valued executive at the local McDonald’s franchise until his election to the House of Assembly. There has never been any public scandal attached to his name, hitherto.

The honorable prime minister, of course, is a very truthful and responsible individual. He is also my political leader and I am his greatest supporter, next to his immediate family, bar none. He would have access to documents and files to which the average Bahamian would not have access. I would counsel all sides that unless and until the now beloved prime minister releases any suspicious documents or dubious contracts, that we all simply sit back and wait for the chocolate chips to fall where they may.

There is no need to rush to judgement and make any insidious allegations. Until then, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I suspect that if any thing was done incorrectly, that the then-minister of finance may have some explaining to do in the House. 

Cartwright, on his own, could never have authorized the inordinate increase in the then-budget for that commission.

– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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