Norma Mildred Hield

The Life & Times of Deaconess Norma Mildred Hield

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is myrefuge and my fortress: my God, in Him will I trust. Psalm 91:1-2

Norma Hield, 62, of Peach Street, passed away on January 16, 2023. She was born to the late Edward and Maria McPhee on October 2, 1960, in New Providence, Bahamas. The most loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grand mother is survived by her husband, five (5) children, nine (9) grandchildren and one (1)great-grand child.

Norma was a devout Christian, a dynamic youth leader and a pillar of the community. She was a loving mother, grandmother, gracious friend, and an advocate for all. Norma was known for her Christian beliefs, dedication, and devotion to the church. As a child of God and a praying woman of God; she always wanted others to see the glory of God shine through her. God placed her in our lives to provide guidance and show us God’s love in earthly form. Her goal in life was to ensure that everyone she meet knew that they were loved and cared for, and that God had a plan for them.

She embodied the meaning of the bible verse John 13:34-35 which states “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” A devoted member in her church, serving as a Deaconess, youth leader on both the local and district levels, Sunday School Teacher, a member of the Board of Trustees. She worked tireless in the church because of her commitment to the work of the Lord. The positions held by Norma allowed her to perform acts of charity, hospitality and provide assistance to those in the church and the community.

Her goal as a youth leader was to build a sense of community within the church youth program and to provide an opportunity for spiritual, personal, and social development. She wanted to ensure that the youth were equipped with the necessary tools and skills to be model citizens within their community and the country. To achieve this goal, she partnered with other churches and organization to host various events such as speech competitions, workshops, and seminars. Norma’s work did not stop there; she assisted youths within the church and the community with obtaining summer jobs to assist with their back-to-school preparations. The church had annual youth conferences which encourage the sharing of ideas, fellowship and encourage service in the church and community. She would spearhead and assist with fundraising activities to ensure that the youth could attend these conferences.

Norma’s love and determination for the youths and drive to ensure that each youth within the community is equipped with the proper education, tools, and skills to succeed. She was a dedicated parent and grandparent who wanted to be that bridge between the parents and public-school administrators. To impact meaningful change with the challenges facing our education system she became of member of the School Board and Parent Teachers Association (PTA). As a member of the School Board and PTA she improved communication ensuring that parents and teachers were informed of current events, issues, and accomplishments. Parents and Teachers knew that if they had an issue or needed assistance, they could call Norma at any time. This allowed her to build a rapport with parents, teachers, and students which created a positive reputation for the school and the community. She spearheaded many fund-raising events to raise money for school supplies and support the school’s effort.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop Norma’s drive, determination, and will power to assist the youths and children within the community. Wanting to ensure that every youth and child continued to receive education through the virtual learning platform, Norma partnered with a small business locally that sold laptops and tablets to students at a discounted price. Not only did she assist with obtaining the devices at a low cost, but she ensured that the necessary applications and a tracking application was installed on the devices. Addition- ally, she delivered the devices and textbooks to the homes of the youth and children. She also assisted the youth and children with gaining access to the Ministry of Education Virtual Learning platform. Parents and student knew that they could contact Norma if they had any issues as she acted as the liaison between the parents and the Administrator.

Norma was a missionary at heart. She could not see someone in need and not offer a helping hand. Her missionary work is done within the church and the community; working closely with the church and other outreach ministries within the community she was able to provide assistance to those in need whilst sharing the gospel. Norma was instrumental in the adoption of a local outreach reach ministry and a family of five. These outreach ministries were provided with food, clothing and words of encouragement.

Norma was a truly great women whose impact will forever be felt by her family that loves her dearly. She was an unselfish woman whose passing left an unfillable gap in the hearts of her loved ones. Her ability to sacrifice, provide, support, forgive, and love will be forever entrenched in all she knew.

When God called Norma home, the world got a little dimmer, but through her work during her time on earth, God’s love and mission will continue on through those she blessed. She will be greatly missed by those who love her, but through her teaching and guidance they know the love of God and take comfort in the knowledge that Norma has gone before them to create a home in Heaven for them. Norma truly embodied the mission of Christ, throughout her life. May all those that knew her be able to be a fraction of the good person that she was during her life. Her favorite bible verse was Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens Me.”

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