North Eleuthera gets new reverse osmosis plant

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) turned on a reverse osmosis (RO) plant in The Bogue yesterday that will supply North Eleuthera and the surrounding islands with a reliable supply of potable water, the corporation’s executive chairman Adrian Gibson told Guardian Business yesterday.

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) prevented a formal commissioning of the plant, Gibson said it was important to get an improved supply of water to North Eleuthera’s residents as soon as the facility was ready.

“We continue to be highly driven to provide safe and reliable water for our people throughout the islands,” said Gibson.

“This plant will address water needs for the main North Eleuthera, including Upper Bogue, Lower Bogue, Current, Bluff, Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and of course Russell Island.

“The people of North Eleuthera [will] see a substantial improvement in water quality and water production in the coming days.”

According to Gibson, the plant, which generates 650,000 imperial gallons of water daily, is the largest RO facility on any family island and the corporation’s third largest. He said it was a multimillion-dollar investment for the people of North Eleuthera.

Gibson added that the facility was originally slated to be completed more than a year ago, but setbacks with the plant’s contractor threw the project far off schedule.

Eleuthera has had many millions worth of capital works done by WSC recently, Gibson said. He added that the completion of the North Eleuthera RO plant pushed Eleuthera’s projects up to 30.

Next on the agenda for WSC, said Gibson, is to get the first pipes Cat Island has ever had into the ground.

“In a few weeks, you will see the tender for Cat Island,” he said.

“That will be the project that will completely reset Cat Island and its economy. Cat Island does not have an inch of pipe at this moment.”

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Chester Robards

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