NP seeing downward trend in COVID cases, health officials say

While New Providence continues to see high numbers of new cases per day, the number of new cases last week were down compared to the weeks before, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan said yesterday.

“New Providence now accounts for the largest number of new COVID-19 cases each day,” said McMillan at a Ministry of Health press conference.

“The data shows that cumulative cases continue to reflect increase in New Providence. Over the past week, however, incidence of new cases in New Providence have been on a decline. On average, for the last week, 40 new cases are being reported in New Providence per day.”

Twenty-three new cases were reported on New Providence yesterday and 43 were reported the day before.

Meanwhile, Grand Bahama’s cases have levelled off, which McMillan credited to a recent lockdown on the island.

Three cases were recorded on Grand Bahama yesterday and two the day before.

McMillan said Abaco’s cases had begun to level off, but there had been a recent uptick in cases over the previous three days. There were 100 confirmed cases on Abaco as of Sunday. She said the increase must be investigated to determine the cause.

McMillan said the confirmed cases in The Bahamas range from newborn babies to 99-year-olds. 

“There is a concentration of about 41 percent of COVID-19 cases among persons ages 20 to 39,” she said.

“Another 37 percent of our cases are for the age group 40 to 59 years old. There is almost equal distribution [between] the males and the females, within each of the seven age groups displayed. We take note, however, of the 130 COVID-19 cases among children and adolescents, currently accounting for about four percent of our cases.”

As of yesterday, there were 54 cases on Bimini, where McMillan also noted there has been a “sustained flattening of the curve”.

There were 25 confirmed cases on Exuma; 18 on Inagua; 15 in the Berry Islands; 15 on Eleuthera; eight on Cat Island; 10 on Long Island; seven on Acklins; five on Crooked Island; three on Andros; and three on Mayaguana.

As of yesterday, there were 108 confirmed cases with locations pending.

There were 1,531 active cases, with 1,391 people having recovered.

Sixty-six people were hospitalized with COVID as of yesterday and 15,418 tests had been completed.

McMillan said yesterday that between August 3 and September 13, each week, at least 23 percent of COVID-19 tests conducted have been positive. She said, on average, over the last six weeks, there has been a positivity rate of just over 25 percent.

“Over the last six weeks, the average number of samples taken that have been reported as positive or detected is 25.1 percent, or one in every four samples is positive for COVID-19,” she said.

There have been 27 times more confirmed COVID-19 cases in the second wave of infections in The Bahamas than in the first, McMillan noted.

She pointed out that while there were only three islands with confirmed cases in the first wave, 14 islands now have confirmed cases.

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