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Oaktree Medical Center donates $20K for Jonique E. Webb Community Youth Center

Oaktree Medical Center has donated $20,000 toward the completion of the Jonique E. Webb Community Youth Center – a place that will provide a safe haven for young adults to congregate and engage in wholesome, educational and spiritual development. The donation was made in remembrance of the late Jonique, who endured an eight-year battle with the autoimmune disease, lupus, and who, despite her physical challenges and pains, was described as vivacious, classy, bubbly, resilient, and stylish, with a pleasant personality that left an indelible impression on those who were privileged to spend time with her.

Oaktree’s donation was made one year after Jonique’s January 2020 passing. 

Heartbroken by his daughter’s death, John Webb, Sr., said he and his family resolved to memorialize his daughter in a concrete way to benefit others in the community.

“Jonique was a girl who was a high achiever; she let nothing get her down. She always tried to excel in everything that she did. We are trying to come to grips and put things to rest and build on her name and remember her by having a youth center in her honor,” said Webb.

“Jonique was a beautiful lady who touched many lives and I know through this donation, she will touch even more lives and young ladies will achieve great things through this youth center.”

This year, the Webb family began soliciting support for the creation of the youth facility. Oaktree Medical Center’s Medical Director Dr. Don D. Deveaux and wife his wife Kristi Deveaux, general manager, donated the funds for the completion of the youth center.

“During this pandemic, the world needs to see Jesus’ light now more than ever,” said Dr. Deveaux. “For us, it is time to let our light shine. What better way can we do this than to start off by honoring Jonique? When I look at Jonique, I think about the hardship, trials, the tribulations she faced. In life, each one of us will have our own set of trials but it is how we conduct ourselves during these trials and tribulations that will makes the difference, and Jonique obviously was anchored in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Reverend Alonzo Hinsey Jr., of Golden Gates Native Baptist Church, was grateful to the Deveauxs for the donation.

“We are so thankful for God touching your lives. One of the things God said to us this year was that he is sending destiny helpers and that there are people who he has already aligned that will understand the vision he has already put in place. We are thankful for God touching your heart. Jonique was someone very near and dear to our heart. As people pass through the youth center, they will remember her. We are encouraged and her legacy will live on,” said Hinsey, Jr.

“My granddaughter was a gem, she was not a complainer,” recalled Joanne E. Webb. “She succeeded in many ways and lived a youthful life. Seeing her, you would never know she had all these things going on with her health. Sadly, in preparation to get a kidney from her father, Jonique passed away at the age of 30.”

Nurse Jamie Sears at the Kidney Clinic fondly recalled her time with Jonique during her kidney dialysis treatments.

“My time with Jonique was pleasant. She always had this effervescent personality. She had such a presence about her, when she came in the room, you wanted to be happy. For me as a caregiver, that was something special, it was a pleasure. Losing her was very painful,” recalled the nurse.

Despite her battle with lupus, her family said Jonique gave of herself in service to God and the community, having been involved in numerous organizations including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., National Baptist Youth, National Baptist Young Women, Lupus 242, St. John’s Native Baptist Young People Union, National Society of Leadership and Success, Bahamas All-Star Band, Colours Junkanoo Group, Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Baptist Sports Council.

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