Oban eagerly awaiting review, proposed changes to existing HOA

The Oban Energies team is eagerly awaiting the review and adjustment of its existing heads of agreement (HOA) with the Bahamas government, according to an Oban representative.

The representative, who chose to withhold his name, said the energy company has been focused on its own hurricane relief program for Bahamians affected by Hurricane Dorian.

“Oban expects the review and proposed changes related to the existing heads of agreement to be concluded sooner rather than later,” he said. 

“Oban is sensitive to the trails of devastation left by Dorian and has been focused on an active and extensive hurricane relief and recovery program.”

Since Dorian passed over Grand Bahama, leaving in its wake a multimillion-gallon oil spill at Equinor’s containment facility, detractors of the Oban oil refinery and storage project slated for East Grand Bahama have become even more vocal.

However, the Oban representative said the company has continued to “work on delivering a safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable development that will grow Grand Bahama’s economy”.

“The environmental concerns pre- and post- the recent oil spill cannot be dismissed,” he said.

“Oban is armed with some of the best technical teams in the world who see safety and the environment as a priority.

“Once fully approved, thousands of Bahamians will go to work during the first phase while a significant number will go abroad to train. More than jobs, Bahamians will take advantage of professional careers.

“Oban looks forward to being a part of Grand Bahama’s rebound and the recovery of the eastern settlements.”

Since the signing of the original HOA, the entire project has been shrouded in controversy and unanswered questions.

Almost two years ago, the government held a press conference to sign the heads of agreement, which was signed by then-Oban Non-Executive Chairman Peter Krieger, who sat next to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis at the signing.

Footage confirmed that it was not, in fact, his own name that Krieger signed. The signature appeared to read “Satpal Dhunna”, the name of the then-president of the company.

When the agreement was tabled in Parliament, it was purportedly signed by Dhunna, but the signature was different from the one signed by Krieger during the press conference.

That agreement was also dated February 19, the same date as the press conference with Krieger.

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