Obie Wilchcombe and Sir Lynden Pindling

Dear Editor,

I watched and listened with amusement and amazement to Obie Wilchcombe on Clint Watson’s show last night. Mr. Wilchcombe, do you think that constantly having Sir Lynden Pindling’s name in your mouth will bring you some credibility and help you win the chairman position? Trust me, sir. It won’t.

If you want to run to be chairman of the PLP you are free to do so, but please try to win on your own merit and stop using Sir Lynden’s name to try to help you. My God, every other sentence. You need to stop. For as many times as you quote him, it’s very obvious that you haven’t learned anything from him. Sir Lynden treated people with respect and dignity. He returned people’s phone calls. When he made a promise to someone he followed through and we didn’t have to keep chasing and chasing him. When he made appointments with people, he was there waiting for you when you arrived. He didn’t duck people who were trying to reach him.

When talking after our defeat in 2017 and discussing the causes for our defeat, the first name people called after Perry Christie was yours. Obviously, you didn’t hear what Monique Pindling said at our last convention. She spoke truth. You think people have forgotten? As a party, we have a hell of a lot to do to regain the confidence of the Bahamian people. Our party has a hell of a lot to do to win back people like me. Plenty people like me stayed home and didn’t vote and others voted FNM last time.

I am sorry, Mr. Wilchcombe, using the name of our great Sir Lynden to support your own personal ambitions is doing a disservice to Sir Lynden and his legacy.

We have seen enough and we aren’t fooled. Please keep Sir Lynden’s name out of your mouth.

– Wendell Montgomery

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