Obscene spending on ambassador’s residence 

When I heard Labour and Immigration Minister Keith Bell accuse the Minnis administration of the “indiscriminate callous hemorrhage” of the public purse to buy extravagant furnishings and decor for an ambassador’s apartment in Europe, I was speechless for a brief moment, recovering just in time to utter a warranted ‘Well mudda …”

He revealed an astounding $550,000 was spent on excessive items such as a set of middle chairs that cost nearly $40,000; a rug at $18,475; a mirror at $14,000; a mahogany scroll at $10,000; a queen-size bed in Shambley damask white orchard print fabric at the cost of approximately $12,000 and a Duke polished steel mirror for $14,000.

That the items were being bought as part of a renovation of the ambassador’s apartment was one thing. However, when Bell said the official (whom he never did name) stayed in an expensive hotel at $20,000 per month, I was silent for another brief spell.

So the furnishing at $550,000 and the hotel stay racked up more than $1 million in costs.

It was quite an eye-opening contribution that Bell made during his contribution to the 2022/2023 budget debate.

What type of theme were the decorators going for?

Who were they decorating for, Indiana Jones?

Just looking at some of the items makes one wonder, at such astronomical prices, do these items have superpowers?

Take, for example, the rug at $18,475.00. Did anyone inspect it to see if it was an actual “flying carpet”? 

What piqued my curiosity was the $14,000 Duke stainless steel mirror.

For a $14,000 mirror, I think the mirror should let us all know who the fairest MP of them all is, the three and four balls for the day, the weather report as well as the traffic report, and what’s on the TV tonight.

Those are the questions I want to be answered; please spare me the political posturing and pontificating from both sides.

Those expenditures were obscene and grossly abused the public purse, in my opinion.

Hopefully, the current administration will eliminate this type of wastage, no longer burdening the public purse and leaving the voting populous speechless again.

Until next week, I’m off to start my new carpentry course; I must know how to design and build $14,000 mirrors and tables. I’m in the wrong profession, I think.

• Inigo “Naughty” Zenicaze- laya is the host of radio show “Talking Heads” on Guardian Radio.

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