Officer testifies at inquest of prison guard

A police officer yesterday testified at the inquest into the suspected suicide of a prison guard.

Corporal Warren Pinder died at Princess Margaret Hospital on March 16, 2017, after officers found him hanging from a bar in his cell at the Elizabeth Estates Police Station.

Pinder, 32, of Pineyard Road, was detained in reference to an assault complaint.

Inspector Lavardo Sherman, who is attached to the homicide unit, said that he went to cell number two after speaking to the station officer.

Sherman said that he saw a torn multicolored cloth tied to a metal bar of a window in the cell. He said a shirt made from the same fabric was about six feet from the makeshift rope.

Sherman said that no prisoners were in the station when he visited, only police officers and civilian staff.

Sherman said that he was informed that the occupant of cell number two was taken to the Elizabeth Estates Clinic after experiencing a medical emergency.

The prisoner was taken to hospital by ambulance from there, he said.

The inquest resumes before Coroner Jeanine Weech-Gomez on January 29.

Inspector Edna Pratt is marshaling the evidence and Ian Cargill represents the estate of the deceased.

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