Omar Archer calls for director of works to be fired

Registrar of Contractors Omar Archer is calling for the firing of Director of Works Melanie Roach, claiming that if she is not removed from her post the FNM would be guaranteed to lose the next election.

Among other claims, Archer, a controversial political figure who was appointed to the post in late 2018, made a series of claims against the director. Among them, he claimed she is giving preferential treatment to contractors and that in some cases one contractor would get seven or eight jobs.

Responding to that claim, Roach pointed out that the director of works does not select contractors.

“I don’t have that privilege or that responsibility,” she told The Nassau Guardian.

Roach noted that she has been in the civil service for 28 years and not once has her integrity been called into question. She said she has completed numerous public disclosure forms and no questions have ever been raised.

Roach said she has never had such vitriol thrown at her but declined to make any further comment.

When contacted for comment, Public Works Minister Desmond Bannister said Roach has his full confidence.

“She brings an exceptional level of integrity to the ministry; has the highest degree of respect from myself and from her professional colleagues and is a workaholic, who has carried a tremendous burden of modernizing our outdated roads and infrastructure throughout the country,” he said.

“It is an honor for me to work with her.”

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