On Osadebay

Dear Editor,

It is with great regret that I note the passing of the honorable Mr. Justice Emmanuel E. Osadebay (retired). His significant contribution to the development of the jurisprudence of The Bahamas will be an enduring part of his legacy.

Justice of Appeal Osadebay had the distinction of serving The Bahamas at three different levels of judiciary: as a stipendiary and circuit magistrate, a justice of the Supreme Court and a justice of appeal. He also practiced at the private bar with distinction for several years after leaving the magistracy prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court bench in February 1994.

Justice Osadebay was an astute jurist. His written judgments are lucid and instructive and collectively they will serve as a fitting memorial to his commendable work as a member of the judiciary. Justice Osadebay was well known as a leading authority on labor law and the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Labour Law in The Bahamas”. He was a mentor of many Bahamians who are involved in the labor movement and was a much sought-after lecturer in industrial relations, labor/employment law and contractual negotiations.

We who knew Justice Osadebay will fondly remember his lively and agile intellect, his judicial temperament and his engaging personality.

On behalf of all members and staff of the judiciary, I wish to extend our sincere condolences to Dr. Emily Osadebay, his daughters, Jacqueline, Jeunesse and Janelle and the grandchildren and other family members both here in The Bahamas, England and Nigeria.

— Brian M. Moree, QC, chief justice

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