On women’s rights, we have a long road to travel 

Dear Editor,

Since the “new day” administration took over the reins of government in The Bahamas, we have heard ad nauseam about this being the government with the most female MPs and Cabinet ministers. And, how is that going for women’s rights in the country?

In the wake of the reversal of the landmark case on abortion in the United States, Roe Vs. Wade, the minister of national security was interviewed and said words to the effect that this was a US matter and really of no relevance to The Bahamas.

Really? But we heard no female MP or Cabinet minister speaking out in support of women forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, particularly those who became mothers at aged 13 or younger, because abortion is illegal.

Also, despite a women’s seminar speaking to the need to address marital rape, if I heard him correctly, our prime minister stated that this matter is not on the agenda.

It leads me to wonder if these matters are only to be discussed and determined by the religious right and male politicians.

Yes, despite how many women are in politically important positions, politics in too many countries are male dominated and male centric. In some countries even female prime ministers have faced problems espousing and bringing women’s issues to the fore.

We have come a long way baby, but we still have a long road to travel.

Yours etc,

Jeanne Thompson

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