Only 55% of food vouchers for students collected on New Prov., less than half on GB

Families on New Providence have collected 55 percent of food vouchers for students, Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd revealed yesterday.

Schools across The Bahamas are closed due to a worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking in the House of Assembly, Lloyd said, “Mr. Speaker, I wish, also, to advise this honorable house that there are students who depend on the school system for food, primarily their lunch; some 4,200 of them.

“They have been identified as such by the Department of Social Services. Recognizing that need for continued sustenance, the ministry organized a delivery system for the distribution of vouchers for the affected students and their families. On the Family Islands, there were no problems, sir.”

He said the distribution of the vouchers was “difficult and challenging” on Grand Bahama and New Providence.

“As such, only 55 percent of the vouchers that were available for New Providence were collected and 45 percent on Grand Bahama, less than half,” Lloyd said.

“The Family Islands [were] different, as I indicated; all 100 percent of those vouchers were received by the respected families. It appears as if transportation may have been a key.”

Lloyd said the government is now working with “a number of food stores to assist in the provision of such vouchers”.

He said the matter will be resolved “this week”.

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