Ooh, ooh – Junkanoo chicken & waffles and bagels

You’ve had waffles before, and you’ve had what once-upon-a-time was thought of as an unlikely pairing – chicken and waffles – but this marriage of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy that you can drizzle or drench in maple syrup – is now so commonplace that the “strangeness” of it has worn off, but leave it to Bahamians to up the ante and add another twist to this dynamic culinary duo.

It’s at The Golden Shack that they’re serving up what is known as Junkanoo chicken and waffles, a fusion of the traditional American brunch staple with the vibrant colors of the Junkanoo festival and Bahamian flavors. How about a Pink Flamingo Waffle (guava); Eleuthera Sunrise Waffle (pineapple); Blue Marlin Waffle (blueberry); or Yellow Elder Waffle (banana)?

The offerings are there, they leave it up to you to determine what’s your flavor, because sometimes you want more than just a plain waffle. But if you do, they do offer a classic Junkanoo buttermilk Belgian Waffle.

Chicken wings provide the perfect pairing, and again you get to choose your flavor – Calypso (original fried), BBQ or teriyaki; or enjoy wings and waffles by themselves. The opportunity to mix and match is almost endless.

The ubiquitous bagel did not escape their Junkanooing; they offer a Junkanoo Bagel as well on the menu.

Junkanoo bagels with guava butter.

Addis Huyler, marketing manager, says the offerings allow customers to “taste the rhythm”.

According to Huyler, the impetus behind opening the doors to The Golden Shack located on Horseshoe Drive, in July, was to provide quality gourmet restaurant food at an affordable price.

Their Bahamian/American menu surpasses just chicken and waffles, across breakfast and lunch. Omelettes, breakfast crossanwiches, shrimp and yellow grits; burgers from beef to turkey and lamb are offered. For the health conscious, there’s a salad stop with a grilled chicken Caesar and a fruit salad to be had.

With Saturdays made for souse – chicken, turkey, sheep tongue or a combination of the three are to be had.

Huyler said the “spirit” of the Junkanoo shack was forefront in their minds when they thought about creating The Golden Shack.

“The traditional Junkanoo shack is a place that is rich with culture and vibrant color and excitement. Similarly, the Golden Shack takes ordinary dishes and infuses them with the same flavors and energy that make our food not just a meal … but an experience,” said Huyler.

The Golden Shack executive chef, Eustace Sturrup said initially she wanted to create a space where they could provide tasty meal options for people in the Oakes Field area, but what they ended up doing was transforming the idea of food from a shack on the roadside to an elevated breakfast and lunch experience.

“We have worked hard on developing a menu that offers something for everyone, the foundation of which being the Junkanoo Waffle,” said Sturrup.

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