Open letter to commissioner of police

Dear Commissioner Rolle,

I write to request that you cause some order and organization to be brought to the disaster area that is the Criminal Records Office and the firearms licensing department in particular.

I submitted and paid for my firearms license renewals on December 2, 2020 and was told at that time to return in two weeks to collect them. Since then, I have returned there three times, including more than an hour spent there today, only to be turned away yet again.

I am a senior citizen with a medical disability and on each visit have been forced to stand with the aid of a cane for lengthy periods in long lines of people congregated outside the door in the sun, or as on another occasion in intermittent drizzling rain. No social distancing going on here and no properly organized service by the firearms department in evidence either.

It is inconceivable that in this age of computer automation the firearms licensing department is still using paper license booklets, each of which must be individually and laboriously stamped and signed by hand by a department head. They also still employ a medieval cash only, hand stamped receipt payment system which could be easily exploited by those intent on corruption or mischief.

This might also explain in part why every year the staff of this dysfunctional department give people the runaround for weeks on end while being rude and unapologetic into the bargain.

To add insult to injury, if you are one day late in submitting your license for renewal you are fined $50 per license on the spot as I was a year ago; no excuses accepted even for medical reasons. However, there is no consideration for the many of us who are forced to make multiple visits because of this department’s inability to progress beyond The Stone Age.

Unlike many in the government service, many of us actually work for a living, and unlike those in government service we are held accountable by our employers for our time.

I should be grateful, as I’m sure many others in the same position will be, if you or one of your subordinates could bring some life and organization to this relic.

Sincerely yours,

Ian Mabon

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