Open letter to PM on board appointments 

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

There are numerous rumors going around about certain prominent past political participants and other members of the public at large who are to be named to the various government boards, diplomatic appointments, parliamentary secretaries, and other government appointments to be made by you the prime minister.

Unfortunately, the names sound so familiar from a past political era and their political careers and business dealings, and affiliations in the past speak for themselves.

While I do admire them in many respects and their contributions to the country in that particular era in time, I would hope that the delay in naming the boards is not because you, our prime minister, cannot tell some of the past performers to retire and tell them thank you for working in the election bid and call it that.

I only hope they participated for the love of politics and their party, not for any political favor, which seems to be the norm in our country.

Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to inform you that there are many young, talented, educated, and “full-blooded” Bahamians out there who are just as capable and have a brilliant analytical approach and reasoning to any situation in the country that could aid the government in its decision-making process.

Simply stated, young people should be given a chance to serve on these various boards and receive some of the appointments if they are capable, qualified, and uncompromised.

They are very capable of giving advice and corrective measures in this modern age of new technology, and in our changing Bahamas, they can compete anywhere in the world and on any level.

I believe, Mr. Prime Minister, young people should be given the opportunity to modernize the thinking and direction of our government offices and our country. Our generation’s thinking is such where every time we go to do something we feel that a foreigner should be brought in as a consultant, but we have lived here all our lives and we should know what affects us and how it affects us and what is needed to correct it.

It is funny that you found confidence and applauded the young voters with great respect and admiration during the election and the young people put you in office for many reasons.

Now you need to find confidence in truth in the young to help you modernize our government offices and decision-making process of this new and exciting time of globalization.

• This letter was written in 2002 when then-Prime Minister Perry G. Christie was appointing his first government board members.

— Anthony U. Bostwick Jr.

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