Open letter to the prime minister

Dear Editor, 

This is an open letter to Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis. 

I hereby formally request your due consideration to rename the “Colonial Beach” on the western end of Paradise Island to “Lighthouse Beach”. While others wish to perpetuate self-perceived entitlement of “royalty”, it would be a step backwards allowing this pristine Bahamian-owned land to be called “Royal Beach”.

I believe that many Bahamians support the movement of wishing to move away from colonial rule, and towards what The Bahamas truly aspires to be: free.

As you witnessed, first-hand, with Barbados moving away from the royal family’s oversight of their now self-governed, republic, The Bahamas stands to gain so much more in shaping our own destiny for the benefit of Bahamians.

Thank you.

– Toby Smith

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