Operation Feed the Needs partners with Unilever, Convoy of Hope to provide hand sanitizers to schools

Local non-profit Operation Feed the Needs has partnered with two international groups, Unilever and Convoy of Hope, to ensure that each and every child and staff member at the 50 local government schools are equipped with their own personal hand sanitizer as they make their way back into the classrooms.

Unilever, who donated over 60,000 bottles of Suave hand sanitizers to Operation Feed the Needs, is a British consumer goods company known for meeting people’s everyday nutrition, hygiene and personal care needs.

The Operation Feed the Needs team poses with H.O. Nash Junior High School Principal Andrae Nairn (second from left).

Convoy of Hope has been a massive donor to Feed the Needs over the last two years. It is a faith-based, non-profit company whose mission is to feed the world.

Operation Feed the Need’s first stops on Tuesday were to Principal Andre Nairn at H.O. Nash Junior School and Principal Deloris Forbes at Gambier Primary School. On Thursday they stopped at Garvin Tynes Primary School, where they were met by Principal Corzette Johnson and Vice Principal Ferguson. Later they met with Principal Robertha Scott, Vice Principal Candice Culmer and Senior Mistress Dianne Williams at Woodcock Primary School. The four schools received 2,327 hand sanitizers for each student and staff on campus. Each school expressed deep gratitude for the donation and expressed how far this small donation will go.

If you would like to be a part of Operation Feed the Needs or to donate to their worthy cause, please go to

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