OPM: Time to move on from PM quarantine matter

Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Press Secretary Clint Watson said it is time to put the issue of Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis admitting to breaking quarantine to rest. 

His comments came after members of the opposition have been calling for Davis’ resignation over the matter. 

“We want to put this to rest,” Watson said during an OPM press briefing on Friday.

“At no time did the prime minister, who was vaccinated, boosted and had just tested negative three times in a row, represent a transmission risk to others, nor had he been ordered… into quarantine.

“He chose to quarantine. There is really nothing more to be said on this issue.

“Those are the facts and the Bahamian people have not asked us to move forward with it.

“We have given the facts and, for the Bahamian people’s sake, we want to move on and focus on what we are doing.”

Watson added, “We want to move on from this. The Bahamian people want us to move on from this.”

On December 23, Davis revealed that he was in quarantine after his wife, Ann Marie, and other family members, tested positive for COVID-19.

That same day, Watson advised that Davis had been “placed into quarantine” the night before.

At the time, Davis said he was in quarantine in accordance with the rules in place at the time. 

However, Davis said at a memorial service for Leon Griffin, the murdered husband of former Cabinet minister Melanie Griffin, on Thursday, that he broke quarantine to pay for Christmas gifts at Griffin’s store, not long before Griffin was shot dead outside his Winton home.

In a statement addressing the issue, OPM claimed that Davis had not been ordered into quarantine by any health official and, therefore, did not break any rules.

Last week, however, Minister of Health Dr. Michael Darville claimed that Davis had not yet been in quarantine when he went to “pay a bill” on December 23.

The differing accounts added to the controversy.  

Some have said that the situation does not warrant a resignation, but argued that Davis ought to pay the $500 fine associated with breaking quarantine.

Asked on Friday whether that will happen, Watson said: “You can only pay a fine if you’ve been charged with something. He has not been charged with anything.”

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