Opportunities to bid on IDB contracts highlighted

Myriad opportunities exist for Bahamian businesses that want to participate in local and international projects sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the bank’s Country Office Representative Daniela Carrera Marquis said Friday at a procurement fair for Bahamian businesses interested in bidding on available contracts.

Marquis, during a press conference about the event, outlined the reasons for the procurement fair, explaining that projects that will be engaged in this year will need participation from a wide range of local businesses from varying disciplines.

“Projects are currently in execution and hopefully very soon we will have at least one or two more that will open up opportunities for Bahamian companies and individuals in The Bahamas,” Marquis said.

“People are closer to understanding how they can make themselves more ready to participate by understanding how to present the information and to seek assistance not only from us, but from consultants on how to apply.”

Marquis said events like the procurement fair are important because networking is important.

“You can work together and create clusters that can support each other for certain projects that have several needs,” she said.

Acting Financial Secretary Marlon Johnson said the projects that are available for bidders will require a range of skills. He explained that some of the projects total hundreds of millions of dollars.

“A considerable amount of procurement needs contracts of all different levels for a range of services,”Johnson said.

“One of the things I want to highlight, because I think it is really exciting, is the government’s digitization program. I think in that element not only are we talking about information technology in the sense of hardware and software, but there is an element where we’re looking at how we create solutions and apps and those sorts for things that really excite many Bahamians who are in the information technology field.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) Jeffrey Beckles said Bahamians should use the opportunity of bidding for IDB-sponsored government projects because it will expand their understanding of proper bidding processes.

He added that business owners must understand that even if they lose the primary bid for a project, other opportunities within that same project could remain to be bid on.

“While you may not have won the primary bid, there are goods, there are services to be provided within the context of the scope of work,” Beckles said.

“Don’t just look at the awarding of the primary contract, take a look at the scope of the contract and what other services are going to be required.”

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