Opposition to US Embassy flying pride flag 

Dear Editor,

We, the Bahamas Kingdom Ambassadors Council of Churches (BKACC), hereby release this statement in response to the United States (US) Embassy’s, located in Nassau, Bahamas, raising of the LGBTQ flag in The Bahamas on June 1, 2021.

The US Embassy stated that the US government and the US Embassy reaffirm the human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTQI+ persons.

It is noted that this mission was a worldwide effort by the Biden administration and every US Embassy has been invited to fly the pride flag or light up their embassy with rainbow colors this month.

It is agreed that all human beings should be treated with respect and dignity, and should be able to live without fear no matter who they are. It is on this basis only that we should look at human rights.

The Bahamas has always been a nation that has a deep sense of reverence and respect for the word of God. We have always followed Christian practices, the Bahamian constitution and the fundamental rights of all men. We believe that our nation must continue to be built on the principles of the Kingdom of God.

The people of The Bahamas respect global rights of nations as it relates to their respective nation; however, lifestyles that are promoting and are against The Bahamas’ ideology cannot be promoted or condoned in our society.

We believe that we must continue to uphold the principles and fundamentals of the Kingdom of God.

We are a God-fearing nation; we are a Christian nation and our nation continues to embrace the ambiance of our Christian heritage.

The US Embassy’s position is one which promotes their lifestyles and beliefs for their country, and it should be made known that those who are guests in The Bahamas must respect the position of the Bahamian people (that being the majority).

We do not agree to the display of the pride flag, as this suggests that the United States of America is pushing an agenda on our country without any regard. It displays disrespect toward our society.

The US Embassy showed no respect or consideration for the government of The Bahamas nor its citizens. We call for our government not to be silent on this matter, but to take a position and stand against this unwarranted action and uphold the ethical laws of The Bahamas.

We are not to be intimidated by any foreign government.

Strongly, we affirm that the Bahamian citizens should be careful when making moral decisions without referring to the principles of God.

We welcome visitors in our country, but we must be conscious not to eliminate God from our society and out of this great Bahama land.

All our moral laws come from the bible and the bible has specific rules on how to behave. If we want to succeed as a nation, we must continue the path our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob laid for us.

BKACC believes that many have forgotten God and wishes The Bahamas to follow suit.

Let us hold fast to our moral beliefs and biblical principles, lest we forget God, and the US pushes its motives and initiatives here in The Bahamas.

We as a country past and present stand on Christian principles, which is found in the word of God.

BKACC wishes to request immediate resolution of the infringement toward the Bahamian public, instant removal of the pride flag at the US Embassy in Nassau as a common courtesy and general respect to the Bahamian government and its citizens.

 Bahamas Kingdom Ambassadors Council of Churches

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