Other nations share same concerns as Bahamas

Dear Editor,

I watch the BBC and AI Jazeera networks daily to get a good understanding of global events and trends. With all of the various cultures from nation to nation it quickly became clear to me while watching these networks, like The Bahamas, these other nations in Europe, Africa and other places, their concerns are very similar to the concerns of the Bahamian people.

A list of the concerns that other nations share with The Bahamas are:

1. People do not trust their government.

2. People are concerned about the high cost of living.

3. People are concerned about high taxes on the poor.

4. People are concerned about the lack of affordable healthcare for the poor.

5. Immigration concerns in many nations are front and center.

6. Most nations are facing fiscal challenges.

Locally I ask the questions: Is there a way out of this? Do we have the will as a people? And will 30 years from now our children and grandchildren say about us, well done?


– Gene Gibson

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